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Saborus Is Giving Us A Different Kind Of Slaughterhouse To Escape From

Saborus Is Giving Us A Different Kind Of Slaughterhouse To Escape From


Gameplay for the upcoming title Saborus is out there to show how terrible the Saborus company is when it comes to our meat

I am sure that most of us out there never give a second thought about where our meat comes from and it looks like Saborus is going to try to change that a bit. Not in the way of a huge PSA to make everyone a vegan all of a sudden, but in a way to give us a perspective of the meat were are going to eat. More like, High Room Studio and QUByte Interactive are going to give us all a horror video game for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC where we are a chicken trying to escape our fate in said slaughterhouse. All while the workers of Saborus try to catch us and wrangle us all in. An interesting take and now we have some gameplay to look at and see how terrifying this one could be.

While the premise of Saborus does sound a little funny, the gameplay does look like it is going to give us some horrible things to experience. It looks like the slaughterhouse we are in is not the best upkept and there will be all manner of dangers beyond getting caught. All as we run like a chicken with our heads still on and traverse it all. Along with carrying a few things around to solve some puzzles and, most likely, allow for us to open other things that a chicken just cannot in general. An interesting idea to say the least. You can have a look at all of this new gameplay for Saborus just a little lower and see just how this one will keep us all pecking a little longer. Maybe it will let us experience a few things from the other animals along the way too…

Saborus — Gameplay

Saborus is a thrilling horror adventure in which you guide a brave chicken through a deadly slaughterhouse where everything wants to kill you! You, as the chicken, will solve puzzles and face the relentless pursuit of the Saborus slaughterhouse workers.

Make your way through the sinister surroundings of a creepy slaughterhouse, full of suspense and surprises! Can you survive?

Saborus promises an immersive and spine-chilling horror game experience, inviting you to confront the depths within the confines of a sinister slaughterhouse. Will you be able to navigate the haunting horrors and get out of the slaughterhouse for good?

What are your thoughts on Saborus and the kind of game we are getting in all of this? Does this feel more like one of those many other meme games out there or will it actually have something deeper than its “weirdness” to keep it going? Would you want to play as the other animals or will that just be a fun way to keep the IP going if it is a smash hit we all did not know we wanted? Flap on down to the comment section to discuss all of that and anything else that comes to mind. If we get more for Saborus, we will certainly share it with you all here. Please just keep on coming back here for all of that and anything else we can muster up to you all.

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