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Scorn Will Now Be Dropping On Us All A Little Bit Earlier Now

Scorn Will Now Be Dropping On Us All A Little Bit Earlier Now


A new release date for Scorn is now set with Scorn coming to us a week earlier than we recently knew

It does not happen often, but here we go with a new release date update for Scorn and it is a bit of great news. It is not a new delay of any kind, but it looks like Ebb Software is ready to give it all to us on the Xbox Series X|S and PC sooner. A whole week sooner. So, if you have not set the time aside for Scorn as of yet, get ready to do so but on October 14th now. Just over ten days from the writing of this here if you have not been updated already if you have pre-ordered the game already. Now if only it was going to be a larger release out there instead of being on the few it is launching on in just over a week.

Along with this announcement, as is usual, with the usual trailer to come along with Scorn‘s new release date. All of which is more along the lines of it just showing off the new date instead of showing anything truly new for the game. I have a feeling we will get that in the following week to show off one more reason that we should have the game on our lists. You can see it just below to see if you have anything new to place into your eyes. The bigger thing is that Scorn is now one week closer to launch after the long ride we have had to get to this point. Have a look and set the clocks for when we will get it all.

Scorn — You’ve Waited Long Enough…

Every end has a beginning. Prepare to explore a living bio-labyrinth, to learn its rules and uncover the secrets that lay within.

The nightmare awaits you on 14 October on PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GoG) and Xbox Series X|S (day one with Xbox Game Pass).

Have you already pre-ordered Scorn before now or will this get you to shell out the funds to pick it up now? Will we ever get to see the game dropped on other platforms or will these be the only ones it ever comes to? Should they have just kept the same release date from before to make sure that all of the issues were ironed out or will it be just good enough that we ignore any updates and patches that will come shortly after launch? Feel free to discuss all of this down in the comments and get ready for the new launch. If we have more for Scorn, do know that we will share it all on the site here for you. We might even be able to dive in and give it a play for the site too.

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