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SDCC 2014 Hands On: Metro 2033 Redux

SDCC 2014 Hands On: Metro 2033 Redux

Metro Redux

While At SDCC I Got To See Metro 2033 Redux In A More Intimate Setting Than Just The Trailer. Here’s My Take On It

I know that Metro 2033 Redux has been debuted at many other events since its first announcement. San Diego Comic Con has been my first time to have a chance to actually play the new HD version of Metro 2033. Before this I had only experienced the world of Metro via videos online, second hand conversations, or watching others play the game. For what it was it looked nice but nothing I would personally write home about. That was until I was able to sit down and play roughly 45 minutes of Metro 2033 Redux.

Right off the bat when playing the upgraded Metro 2033 on the PS4 I could see all of the care that 4A Games put into making this game feel “next gen” even though it originally came out four years ago on the 360 and PC. If I wasn’t told otherwise I would have mistook this game for the next true installment for the franchise and not just an upgrade of the original. I don’t think I’ve seen smoke effects like this in a next gen game yet.

To go hand in hand with that, there really is nothing like playing Metro 2033 in true 60fps. I now understand why everyone is pushing for that to be the standard and if this was an indication as to why, I can’t wait. Once this gets mixed with amazing stories and great controls I think we will be living in a world where our virtual experiences will so greatly enhanced we may not need to go outside if we don’t want to.

Speaking on the controls for Metro 2033 Redux, after a little bit of re-education since the level I was playing was later in the game than the tutorial mission, it felt like second hat. I was comparing it to those of Metro: Last Light, as I have played that one, and they felt to be much tighter and responsive than I remember. I was running and gunning my way from check point to check point with ease once the ball was rolling. No mutant was able to stop me as I blazed the trail through the game.

In the end the only thing I didn’t like about having Metro 2033 Redux was that I had to put the game down to move on to other appointments at the convention. I’m also pretty sure that I would have made it to the end of the demo shortly after I did. I personally can’t wait to get Metro Redux on August 26th so I can continue the fun and then expand it out to both titles. All on my PS4 at that. Now I just have to count the weeks until that date.

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