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SDCC 2017 Experience — The Tick Takeover

SDCC 2017 Experience — The Tick Takeover

While out at SDCC we had a chance to check out The Tick Takeover off-site event. Here’s what we experienced for The Tick Takeover at SDCC 2017

Out at San Diego Comic Con there was a huge push for The Tick’s new live action TV series and all the bells and whistles that go with that. It makes perfect sense given the source material coming from the pages of the comics, the convention in general, and the fact that Amazon would really want to push to get as many people looking at the new show as possible. That is of course why they took over a large portion of the off-site real estate out there and set up The Tick Takeover for fans new and old to come and experience what the show would be bringing and also give us all kind of a real world video game to play in the mix. Here’s what you may or may not have been able to experience out there all from the perceptions of the team here.

While not directly tied to the video game world, yet, The Tick Takeover was set up in a few different stations. We’ll get to the more interactive and “game like” one in a moment. After fans of the franchise and show made it through the grueling line, they were welcomed in to take a load off in the lounge area and have a look at the pilot for the new show that Airs on August 25th. It was the same pilot episode that was floated out there a little while back to see if there was interest and it looks like there was a whole lot of it. In any instance, this was a nice shaded area to kick back and enjoy a bit of rest with a lot of the other fans out there to prep for what was to come later.

Moving along from there to the next part of The Tick Takeover, we were presented with a new little queuing area where Amazon gave out a lot of questionnaires and trivia questions for the show and franchise. Not the most exciting thing until you were able to head over to the twenty-foot tall animatronic Tick head that we were then able to control and force “emotes” with. Not just us, but anyone who took the time to go through the whole process while waiting for the third major part of it all. While this sounds really cool, sadly it was limited down to a few pre-programmed emotions and people being able to pull a lever to select the next on to move things toward. It was kind of like finding out that the Great and Powerful Oz was just some due behind a curtain. Fun, but not what the front side would lead to you believe.

Last up on the huge Takeover for The Tick was a new kind of “Escape Room” for everyone to participate in. At least in small groups as it wasn’t just a single room but three different ones. All designed after places in The City and other locations that we may see in the show. Here we were all forced to play against each other in a huge clue hunting experience. You can see the whole thing the following video, but it had us all competing against each other to find well hidden, and some not so well hidden, RFiD scanners to “claim” the clues and answer a few little questions along the way. More or less a scavenger hunt that had everyone fighting for space and the top tier prize of bragging rights. Just what a good super hero should go through in The City and as a chum of The Tick.

The Tick at Amazon Prime Video’s Tick Takeover At SDCC 2017

On July 20th, consumers had the opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of The Tick at Amazon Prime Video’s Tick Takeover, a movie set level design experience positioned directly across from the San Diego Convention Center on MLK Promenade. With fully built out buildings from “The City,” a twenty-foot tall animatronic Tick head and “Easter eggs” harkening back to the show, The Tick Takeover is poised to give fans the journey of a lifetime. Each “Citizen” will leave this enveloping SDCC highlight feeling more connected to the Amazon Original Series than ever before.

There were a whole lot of off-site events like this at SDCC this year, but I will have to say that The Tick Takeover was one of the more fun ones out there. It wasn’t overly convoluted and ended in an interesting game to be played in a non-digital and digital way. Almost like a point-and-click adventure that investigation video games go. Not only that, but it did the job of hyping up The Tick for myself and many others out there. In the future I hope to keep seeing things like this to not only promote the different medias out there, but to keep us all engaged and interacting in ways outside of a basic controller and/or mouse. I also hope that you had a good time trying to experience what we did through our 360° coverage. Hopefully more to come like that.

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