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See How The Cast Of Characters In Alien Isolation Came To Be

See How The Cast Of Characters In Alien Isolation Came To Be

Alien Isolation

A new trailer showing off how the characters of Alien Isolation were created to give the game life.

Here we go with another developer diary for Alien Isolation. This time it is showing off a bit more to the story of the game as well as to how Creative Assembly created each of the characters for the game. It is no real big surprise that they used a bit of facial capture but it is cool to see that they are using the actors who gave the performance as the actual model. This isn’t anything new in the industry but it usually isn’t common place in a world where publishers and developers want to use big names and face.

Have a fun watch of the trailer. There is one more thing I want to speculate on after and I don’t want to spoil any of the fun here.

So, maybe I am reading a bit into this but do you think that there is going to be some huge actor or actress name attached to Alien Isolation sometime soon? Maybe Sigourney Weaver? Maybe Lance Henriksen? Hells, even Bill Paxton in some aspect would be a fun reveal as well as a great link to keep the interesting characters spoken of in the video. Granted the timeline of Alien Isolation does limit a bit on that but at least one of those could easily spark up.

I am sure if there is a reveal like that we will hear about it here in the next month at E3 as that is when the hype train for Alien Isolation will really pick up leading to the October release date. We’ll see though.

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