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See How Watch_Dogs Is Meant To Be Played… By The PC Master Race

See How Watch_Dogs Is Meant To Be Played… By The PC Master Race


Ubisoft and NVIDIA have released a new trailer showing off how visually stunning Watch_Dogs will be on the PC.

For all of those out there who complained about Watch_Dogs having downgrade visuals I have a new trailer for you to look at. It is a look at how Ubisoft and NVIDIA have ‘teamed up’ to give us the most visually stunning version of the game we can imagine. In fact, this looks like the visuals that got everyone extremely excited from the original announcement of Watch_Dogs. If you are still doubtful I will let you watch the following trailer in peace right now then follow it up with some more commentary.

Now this is how I remember Watch_Dogs looking so very long ago. To be honest I think all of the ‘downgraded’ video that we have seen is most likely from the weaker consoles and not from a PC or next gen consoles version of the game. Granted, there are no specs listed with this trailer to let us know what is needed to make the game look this amazing but at least it is still possible. Even if it is just the shadows and environmental visuals at a minimum.

Is this not what all of you were looking for? I know it does revitalize my excitement and makes me hope for a PC that could actually run Watch_Dogs the way it is shown in this trailer. I think we are back on par with Watch_Dogs even though we are only a month out from launch. Can we get a definitive PS4 or Xbox One trailer to showcase and compare with this PC one? Please Ubisoft? Pretty please?

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