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Seed Of Life Is Going To Take Us Into A Different Dystopian Future

Seed Of Life Is Going To Take Us Into A Different Dystopian Future

Seed Of Life

A new title, Seed Of Life, is announced and Seed Of Life is aiming to take us on a platforming romp through a dark future

A new puzzle platformer is on the way with the announcement for Seed Of Life. This would be the upcoming title from Madlight Studio that will whisk us all away to a new and dark dystopian future where we will need to interact with the world to make our way through a labyrinth-like planet. All for some specific reason to restore life to the planet. Why it is all gone in Seed Of Life is still not completely clear, but if we knew all of that then we would not have a game to look forward to. We just need to know we need to find this Seed out there and to do so we will have to go through all of the usual platforming cycles to get the job done.

If you have not skipped down to the video for Seed Of Life as of yet, then you may not know that we will be seeing some amazing visuals in the game with a fun style to it all. A very Sci-Fi and neon feel to it all as we head out through what this dramatic tale has to offer us. Offer besides some fun upgrades and such to play with in the game as we watch in a third-person form. Given that this is the main announcement for Seed Of Life, that is about where we stand with it all as of now. Have a look at what could be coming to us in the coming year on the PC.

Seed Of Life — Announcement

Leonardo Interactive, a new publishing label dedicated to delivering original adventures with outstanding visuals and engaging gameplay and owner of VLG publishing, and developer Madlight Studio have announced that their futuristic, third-person, sci-fi puzzle platformer, Seed Of Life, will arrive on PC via Steam next year. Set in a beautiful dystopian semi-open world roamed by strange alien creatures, players will take on the role of Cora as she attempts to find a mysterious device called the Seed and restore life to the planet.

As players look to the light and navigate their way through a labyrinth-like planet, they’ll come across capsules and learn special abilities that allow them to defy the laws of nature and conquer the dangers of a dying world in the brink of destruction. With the help of a cute alien assistant named Nar, Cora will be able to solve challenging puzzles and topple increasingly menacing invader foes in order to save her world.

Seed Of Life Key Features:

  • Triple-A Quality Graphics — Explore a breathtaking sci-fi universe set in a dystopian future. Seed Of Life features beautiful graphics and a unique art style where bright colors meet complete darkness.
  • An Emotional JourneySeed Of Life is a story-driven game with a dramatic, engaging story full of mysteries to be revealed that will keep you curious and excited to discover more.
  • Gameplay Focused — This adventure is packed with RPG elements, puzzles, and dangerous creatures. Find Talisman capsules to learn new abilities, collect Lumium to upgrade, and strategically use your items to defy gravity and overcome different challenges.
  • Stealth Combat — Escape from Namurian Shadows roaming the land in search for the remaining Lumium.
  • A World to Discover — Explore a beautiful and vast labyrinth-like semi-open world where secrets are hidden in every corner and environmental challenges will test your skills. Navigate dangerous paths, clear objectives, and find interest points. There’s always something new to uncover!

What do you think about Seed Of Life as it all stands here? Does it look like the gameplay will be just as engaging as the story or is that still too early to tell right now? Do you like the visual style of it all or do you think there needs to be a few things altered or punched up? Let us all have those answers and thoughts in the comments. We will keep an eye out for more on Seed Of Life and when it is here, we will share it. Do not miss out on a single thing here.

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