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Set Out To Escape A Bizarre Facility Within Subsequence

Set Out To Escape A Bizarre Facility Within Subsequence


A new puzzle game, Subsequence, is on the way to us all with Subsequence mixing up logic puzzles with an interesting world

Here we go with another puzzle title heading to the PC this year with Subsequence. This is the latest title that we are getting from Zoemi Games that will not only have us scratching our heads over the puzzles, but maybe even the insanity of the world that is being crafted. Even if Subsequence looks a little mundane on the surface, it does look like it will hold quite a bit of unique and interesting events in the midst to keep us all entertained. That is normally the name of the game when it comes to video games. Well, outside of forcing the competition to them all. This does not seem to be the latter in that comparison, so we can now dive into what we should be getting with this title.

Obviously, you can watch the trailer we have announcing Subsequence just a bit lower. You will be able to see a bit of how we will be playing as Vicky who is stuck in this facility that is placed well underground. Vicky will need to escape this 3D adventure by solving puzzles and moving from room to room, some of which could be a flooded tunnel or a burning elevator shaft. Each with its own little eccentricities to be dealt with. All as we continue through Subsequence in this way and have deep conversations that have no options to play with. That one has me a little stumped on what it means, but my guess is that it will be watching the story progress and we are just along for the explosive ride. Have a look and see what we could be getting this year when it hits the PC market out there.

Subsequence — Announcement

Subsequence is a linear single-player story-driven 3D adventure game. It is set in an underground research facility, a burning elevator shaft, a flooded supply tunnel, a toilet, or in space. It is in the underground laboratories that, by coincidence, the main heroine Vicky gets stuck. Things go badly and Vicky will have to fight for her life. Her journey to safety will be lined with difficult obstacles, solving logical puzzles, exploring the environment, or collecting and using objects, which are the main mechanics of the game. Players will experience moments of tension, but at the same time everything will be spiced with a careful dose of humor.

And most importantly, always have fun!

Players will be able to taste the cocktail of these mechanics, humor, entertainment, and acid from Floor -17 at the end of 2022. Available on PC in the form of a premium game distributed via the Steam platform.


  • Explore the colorful world of the underground research facility ranging from laboratories to the burning elevator shaft and spacious practically designed interiors of a spaceship to Vicky’s cozy home where a cute animal marks its territory
  • Solve logical puzzles and don’t go through the laser beam, it would cut you in half
  • Find and use items because they can be found and used
  • Have deep Conversations with no conversation options
  • Discover hidden Collectable items to unlock…
  • Easily control the entire game with just the keys WASDE or a gamepad
  • Enjoy the carefully dosed humor

What are your takeaways from Subsequence after seeing this announcement? Does it sound like it could be a wild ride to have or will it be another puzzle game that just leans into some off-the-wall things to grab attention? How do you think the conversations in the game will affect things or will it all be a passive story we get to experience? Tell us all of your thoughts on this and more down in the comments and then let the discussion fly. If we have more to share for Subsequence, we will add it to the site. Just keep checking in for all of that and everything else that we might have on the way.

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