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Skabma: Snowfall — PlayStation Gameplay

Skabma: Snowfall — PlayStation Gameplay

Skabma: Snowfall

Check out the new trailer for Skabma: Snowfall that has dropped out there for our viewing pleasure

Skabma: Snowfall is an action-adventure title for the PS4, Xbox One, PC coming from Red Stage Entertainment and PID Games in 2022.



Skabma: Snowfall — PlayStation Gameplay

The rhythm of nature is in danger! You are Áilu, a young Sámi whose ordinary reindeer herding day turns into an adventure. Learn the old ways of the Noaidis, Sámi Healers. Harness the powers of the Noaidi Drum and the Familiar Spirits to fight against a disorder spreading across the land! Coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2023!

Skabma: Snowfall is a never before seen representation of indigenous Sámi stories and culture. Explore Nordic beauty in a world where the old northern campfire tales come alive! Use your wits to solve environmental puzzles and platforming challenges in this narrative 3rd person adventure.

Save your home!

The daily life of a Sámi village is disturbed after an accident at a nearby Tar-Burning Pit. An odd disease starts spreading across the area, affecting everything from the land to the people and animals.

You play as Áilu, a young Sámi herder searching for a runaway reindeer doe. The mystery of the growing disorder starts to unravel when Áilu finds an old enchanted drum, Goavddis. Time is running out for the infected, but the long-lost knowledge of Sámi healers, Noaidis, is still beating within the drum.

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