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Spectre Looks Like Stay Alive But For Real

Spectre Looks Like Stay Alive But For Real


Here is some new footage of Spectre, a Kickstarter virtual reality horror multiplayer game using the Oculus Rift. Looks like it could be creepy…

It’s hard to believe that it has only been eight years since the film Stay Alive came out and there really hasn’t been a video game made to try and copy it. Even as I write this article I have yet to hear of anything. That was until I heard about a new game called Spectre. It really doesn’t parallel close to the film’s killer video game, but hear me out.

So Spectre is a title currently running on Kickstarter from Proscenium for the PC that utilizes the Oculus Rift. It is also a multiplayer title where three heroes wander a spooky mansion trying to find out what happened to a Bavarian Baroness who just happens to haunt said mansion. In the multiplayer demos three of the four players take on these friends while the fourth takes on the role of the titular creature the Spectre. Pretty damn close to the game’s story in the film if you change Bavarian to Hungarian.

Here is a rather lengthy video showing off the multiplayer in action in the alpha stage.

I am sure that there is something left to the imagination here as it is not easy to capture video off the Oculus Rift just as it is next to impossible to record a 3D film. The models and everything do look to be on the lower end of things but then again that is why there is a Kickstarter for Spectre now isn’t it? Not to mention that this is all an alpha build after all.

Being a horror fan I am a bit curious to see how Spectre will progress. I’ll admit that Stay Alive is a guilty pleasure of mine and would love to be able to play through a horror game with VR controls. Now if only they could figure a way out to actually off the player when they lost legally. That would lead to one killer game.

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