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Square Enix Is Bringing All Kinds Of Tomb Raider & Kingdom Hearts Fun To SDCC

Square Enix Is Bringing All Kinds Of Tomb Raider & Kingdom Hearts Fun To SDCC

Not to be left out of SDCC, Square Enix is bringing all kinds of games and events to make sure you have been able to experience all Square Enix has to offer

Just as the many year’s past, Square Enix will be back at SDCC this year and bringing with them all of the games that we have been keeping an eye on and hoping to play sooner rather than later. Sadly, it does not look like they are bringing much in the way of Final Fantasy, but they are truly pushing Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts III just as they did out at E3. Not the biggest of surprises given the proximity to the release dates and SDCC being a huge fan event for Square Enix to get the games in front of more eyes than just through other people’s thoughts and opinions. Not to shame ourselves here at all.

Anyways, if you are out in San Diego this week and weekend there looks like there will be plenty for you to take in if you are going to the convention or not. For those on the show floor, you will be able to take in some of the games that they are working on getting out to us. Dragon Quest XI, Kingdom Hearts III, and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider will be out there for fans to play and see how they all handle at this point. They will also be holding a Tomb Raider panel with the developers and cast from the game. All of that and they will be giving out fun little bits of Square Enix swag for those who come by the booth.

If you were not able to get a pass to SDCC, or not one for every day, or just want to see something off-site, Square Enix has also set up a Shadow Of The Tomb Raider experience outside for those who want to have a chance to play the game, try some of the “exotic” food Lara will have to eat, have some photo moments, and other bits of fun. That is what this con is all about, the fun. So, if you have the time and the want, you can swing by and see what Square Enix has set up out at The Deck at Moonshine Flats. More specific details are just below.

From July 19-22, Square Enix will host gameplay demos, giveaways, and other activities at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. At Booth #3829 in the San Diego Convention Center, attendees will be able to play Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age, Kingdom Hearts III, and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.

Become one with the jungle at Shadow Of The Tomb Raider’s immersive Comic-Con off-site experience. Dare to be bold and eat exotic foods only found in the dark crevasses of the jungle, along with unforgettable photo moments for attendees to share, and the chance to play the highly anticipated Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. Stop by The Deck at Moonshine Flats between 1pm-10pm PT on Thursday, July 19th, Friday, July 20th, or Saturday, July 21st and see firsthand what it means to become the Tomb Raider.

On Saturday, July 21 from 12:30pm – 1:30pm in Room 5AB, join the creative team and cast behind Shadow Of The Tomb Raider as they share new details about Lara Croft’s newest adventure, in which Lara must become the Tomb Raider she is meant to be. Jill Murray (Lead Writer), Heath Smith (Lead Game Designer), and special guests Camilla Luddington (performance artist for Lara Croft) and Earl Baylon (performance artist for Jonah Maiava) will be joining the panel moderated by Andrea Rene.

Fans can also purchase the latest products from the Bring Arts, Trading Arts, and Play Arts Kai lines at the booth and participate in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game in Gunslinger style matches to win premium FFTCG Promo Cards. Daily giveaways at the booth while supplies last include:

  • Dragon Quest XI double-sided posters and “Mark of Light” temporary tattoos
  • Mobius Final Fantasy hand fans
  • Star Ocean: Anamnesis buttons

Are you excited to see what Square Enix has to offer us all out at SDCC or will you be focused on one title over another? What do you think they will have for us specifically out there for Tomb Raider and will it be as mind-blowing as it has been in the past? Will you be on the floor trying to play KH3 or DQXI instead? Let us all know down below and feel free to share your experiences down in the comments. For more on SDCC, Square Enix, and everything happening out there, be sure to stick close to our site and social accounts. We will be updating throughout the event and you will want to see it all.

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