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Star Wars: Squadrons Will Bring Us Those Space Dogfights We’ve Wanted

Star Wars: Squadrons Will Bring Us Those Space Dogfights We’ve Wanted

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is revealed to be the next big title in the Star Wars line of games and aims to bring us some sweet space dogfighting action

Here we go with the official announcement for Star Wars: Squadrons. This would be the next title in the franchise that EA and Motive Studios is pumping out there for us that has just been announced. Before you start groaning that we have another Star Wars to have to buy, this one might be giving fans of the franchise just what they have been looking for. That being the 5v5 space dogfighting action that we get to see in the films and have had a long gap in time since the last time we had it. That and the fact that this one will be going fully cross-platform to play and allow those who so choose to go in via VR. Yeah, I will give you a moment to let all of that sink in before we carry along here. You will be able to play this one on October 2th on the PS4, Xbox One, PC (Steam, Origins, Epic Store), and in VR for the platforms that allow that.

What we get to see in terms of gameplay for Star Wars: Squadrons here is all in-engine footage, but it gives us a showing for how we will be able to squad up on the New Republic or Imperial Fleet side of the conflict in the various different modes of it all. One being that we need to fly in and take down the enemy’s larger ship first before they can do what they plan to do. That whole crazy Star Wars thing and everything. I am just curious about how many of the various ships and flagships from the universe we are actually going to get to pilot here. Given that it is priced out for a $39.99 point right now, it might be a bit on the fewer side at launch but maybe it will expand if it does become a huge thing.

If you see that Star Wars: Squadrons is a multiplayer game so far, do not scoff at it all just yet. There will also be a campaign mode added in for those that do not want to take to the skies with a bunch of random humans. This will expand a bit more of the story following the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the Death Star II. We will get to play as two different pilots along this little bit of story to see how some of these Star Wars events could have played out from different points of view. It sounds and looks interesting and will most likely already have that pre-order from the largest of Star Wars fans out there. Have a look and see if you are going to throw down right now.

Star Wars: Squadrons — Reveal

In Star Wars: Squadrons, players will enlist as starfighter pilots, stepping into the cockpits of iconic starfighters from both the New Republic and Imperial fleets. They’ll plan skirmishes with their squadron in the briefing room before taking off for space battles across the galaxy. Players will engage in strategic 5v5 multiplayer space battles with the goal of demolishing the opposing flagship in Fleet Battles and will feel the rush of first-person multiplayer combat as they work with their squadron to defeat as many opponents as possible in Dogfights. Pilots will triumph as a team, adjusting the composition of their squadrons to suit their playstyles as they progress, crushing their opponents and completing objectives across known and never-before-seen locations, including the gas giant of Yavin Prime and the shattered moon of Galitan.

Star Wars: Squadrons will offer rich cosmetic and gameplay customization options with rewards and bonuses that are earned solely through gameplay. As players move up the ranks, they’ll earn components such as weapons, hulls, engines, and shields to customize the performance of their starfighters; and gain cosmetic items to customize their cockpit, ship exteriors, and appearance of their pilot. In addition, players will be able to squad up with their friends and play against others, regardless of platform, as cross-play will be supported on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and VR.

Star Wars: Squadrons will also feature a single-player story that brings to life events following the Battle of Endor when the Rebel Alliance has successfully destroyed the Death Star II. Through the story, players will learn what it means to be a pilot as they battle from the alternating perspectives of two customizable pilots, one serving in the New Republic’s heroic Vanguard Squadron, while the other fights for the Galactic Empire’s fearsome Titan Squadron. The authentic story features a diverse cast of original characters, as well as some cameos from familiar faces in the Star Wars galaxy.

Did you expect to see another title in this vein for the Star Wars universe or did you figure it was the next in line? Do you think that the VR play will have an advantage in matches or will it be a bit of a hindrance given how the UI will most likely flow? Will you be going in on the campaign mode over the multiplayer or will it be the other way around? Let us and the universe at large know what is on your mind for this and then feel free to discuss it all at length. When we have more to share for Star Wars: Squadrons, most likely later in the week, we will add it all here. Be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more as the week carries on.

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