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This Is Supposedly Everything You Need To Know For Murdered: Soul Suspect

This Is Supposedly Everything You Need To Know For Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect

There is a new 101 trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect to get us all up to speed for the game’s launch.

Just as Destiny did earlier this week, we have a new 101 trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect to show us all everything we need to know before we delve into the world of Salem and Ronan’s story. Unlike the prior though, this ‘everything we need to know’ style trailer is probably a bit more spot on as we are under two weeks from launch for Murdered: Soul Suspect. We also haven’t been given as much as we have been here either so there is also that great surprise of things.

I’ll let you enjoy the Murdered: Soul Suspect 101 trailer before moving on with my oh-so-fun commentary that you are really here for. I also like to build the suspense and give you a chance to skip the spoiler filled trailer for the game as well. See you after the video.

So, I wish they would have touched more on the abilities that Ronan has gained in Murdered: Soul Suspect after his death but all in all it is no looking like the original pitch that I was given when the game was announced. A detective story with a bit of supernatural elements mixed in unlike all of the other promotional footage showing it the other way around. I do love me some supernatural stuff but being a ghost running around trying to influence others to get ‘confessions’ isn’t as appealing as actually cracking the case via clues you can’t directly touch. The mind games and all.

I am also glad to see that there are other explanations behind things that may be blocking your path in the world of Murdered: Soul Suspect. I’ve only heard about the ‘consecrated’ areas and walls to keep ghosts and Ronan on path. It makes perfect sense for the ‘invisible wall’ that is the common place for that. In this new trailer it is also explained that objects that are linked to horrible tragedies and death also bar your path. Yea it is more ‘invisible wall’ stuff but it has an in-game reason to be there making sure that common sense will not allow you to bypass. I hate being blocked by tables I could easily climb over to get to a safe exit.

I do hope that this isn’t ‘everything’ we need to know for Murdered: Soul Suspect; I’m pretty sure it isn’t. We’ll find out here on June 3rd or June 6th though. Even with all the neigh Sayers out there I am still very hopeful for Murdered: Soul Suspect and will proudly wear my shirt while playing for a more connected feeling. I just hope I am not building it higher in my head than needs be.

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