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SYNCED Will Be Launching Our Teams Out Together This Coming Summer

SYNCED Will Be Launching Our Teams Out Together This Coming Summer


A release window for SYNCED is set for this Summer for those looking to see what SYNCED, a Sci-Fi shooter, will hold

Here we go with another free-to-play title on the way to us in the form of SYNCED, a new Sci-Fi shooter, that is poised to bring us all into another form of the future soon. A future that Level Infinite and NExT Studios is showing to be devastated by all manner of technology with nano-infestations and all manner of other horrible AI out there. Just as one would normally want in a shooter as SYNCED looks to be. Unless things are going to be changing anytime in the future, but we will get to see all of it this Summer. That is the release window for the PC version of the game as it all stands now. So, a nice and wide span of time for us to look out for the title now.

Now that we have a timeline for SYNCED to come out, we can dive into the latest we have for it all here. A short little trailer that shows off some of the character classes we will get to play as in the game along with the looter-shooter kind of feels to the gameplay loop. All so we can roll out, shoot a bunch of things, level up some gear, take more resources, and keep on going until we are the best that we think we can be. A rather standard affair when you look at it, but I am sure that we will see SYNCED hold a few more things in the wings for us so it will stand out further. Have a look at what we have as of now and see if it will be something you are going to get lost in once it fully launches out there. You might even just need to wait until it potentially hits the consoles too.

SYNCED — Summer Launch Announcement

Premiered at the Future Games Show 2023, the SYNCED team is excited to reveal that the game will launch on PC in Summer 2023, with console versions coming soon after!

SYNCED is a free-to-play sci-fi shooter set in a world devastated by technology. Venture into the Nano-infested wilds of the Meridian, upgrade your gear, loot resources, and weaponize your enemy.

Does SYNCED grab your eye here or will it be the low price of free that will drag you into the mix of things? When in the Summer do you think we will get to see the game out there and will it be the first half or the second half of the time? When do you suspect it will come over to the consoles out there and will that all be truly based on how well it does in the PC space of things? Feel free to discuss all of that down in the comment section while keeping the timeline flowing. There should be something further for SYNCED, and we will add it all to the site as soon and best as we can. Just keep on checking in for all of that and everything else the site has to offer and you should never be let down by a single thing.

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