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Take A Tour Of All Of The Launch Maps For Battlefield V

Take A Tour Of All Of The Launch Maps For Battlefield V

Battlefield V

New gameplay for Battlefield V is here to take us on a the maps launching with Battlefield V for all of the multiplayer modes

If you have been keeping up with Battlefield V up to now then you will know the maps that will be coming to the multiplayer modes for the game at launch. At least the names and basics that DICE has for us so far. Now we are back with some solid looks at the eight maps that will be coming to Battlefield V with some actual gameplay footage. To be honest, they do show nine maps here, but the first eight will be what EA will make sure we have in the game on November 20th when we load up our PS4, Xbox One, and/or PC. Yes, that means we have a look at the first DLC map as well.

There is no doubt that they all look amazing, as Battlefield V has so far, but they really do look like the same kinds of maps we have seen and played time and time again. There is not much to go with when you are sticking to showing off World War II in all the different ways and locations as possible. Something that is driven home here again. Also something we should learn to expect as the DLC maps for Battlefield V start rolling out as we will be stuck in this era more or less until we have another major conflict or one that developers want to dive into.

Battlefield V — Launch Maps

In Battlefield V, you’ll fight through the unexplored settings of World War 2 on maps that will challenge your squad in epic multiplayer experiences. Learn about the battlefields of France, Holland, Norway, and North Africa. Battlefield V is out worldwide November 20th.

What do you think of these maps here for Battlefield V that we will be getting at launch? Do you see more than just the normal maps we already know or will there be a lot more going on in the background than we expected? Where do you think the DLC maps will take us in WWII? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Battlefield V, be sure to keep coming back here. We will keep these updates flowing on out there as fast as we can.

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