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Take A Trip Inside The Minds That Are Bringing Us Days Gone

Take A Trip Inside The Minds That Are Bringing Us Days Gone

Days Gone

A new developer diary for Days Gone has dropped just before launch to give one more look inside Days Gone and how it was made

The end of this week will mark the date when Days Gone will be hitting the PS4 and some have been saying that there has been little in the way of new things to see as of late. I agree that there has been very little in that way before today and there are only a few more days until Bend Studio sits back and lets their latest baby into the world. This is why I am glad to say that we have a little bit extra to get you all hyped up for Days Gone just a few days before its launch. I do have to say that it is on the limited say again to stress that point before you get too excited.

What we do have is what feels like the final developer diary for Days Gone where the team goes into the studio, culture, and how the game was put together. For those like me who enjoy seeing how some of their games are made, it is a bit interesting. For those who just want to see a bit more for Days Gone, you are not left out as there is a bit of new gameplay mixed into it all as well. It is not too drastic, but something new to get the hype rolling again and us all ready for April 26th for when it comes to our homes.

Days Gone — Inside Bend Studio

Days Gone is a new journey for Bend Studio. Creative and Game Directors John Garvin and Jeff Ross share how the game came together ahead of its release on PS4 April 26.

Are you still excited for Days Gone to finally come out or have you been looking for more to go on before? Are you glad to see that the biker culture should be represented well here or does that matter to you? Did you see anything truly new in the footage here or was it all about the same that we have seen many times over? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When we have more to share for Days Gone, we will share it here. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that soon.

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