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Tamarin Is Now Climbing Its Way Onto The Xbox One

Tamarin Is Now Climbing Its Way Onto The Xbox One


The Xbox One will now be getting Tamarin with this version of Tamarin launching on the console in 2020

If you were feeling like you were going to be left out of the fun of Tamarin as it was only announced for the PS4 and PC back when we first caught wind, then you can start to rejoice as it looks like it will be heading to the Xbox One now. Maybe you have heard of the game or not, but it does not change the fact that there will be a new platforming title over on the Xbox from Chameleon Games with all kinds of power behind it. If you have been watching Tamarin since it was announced, you may know exactly what I am talking about with all of the names attached.

To go along with this announcement, we have a new trailer for Tamarin to take in and see how the game has progressed since we last saw it. That or just a different part of the game as it still looks like it has been crafted fairly well and all we have is different sections of the jumping and bug smashing the game will be full of. Tamarin looks like it could be close to completion from all of this with the possible Q4 release for the previously mentioned platforms and a 2020 release for this one. Nonetheless, here we go with some new game footage to watch and get ready for.

Tamarin — Xbox One Annoucement

Chameleon Games is proud to announce that its third-person action-adventure Tamarin is now in development for Xbox One, with a 2020 release planned. Set in beautiful Nordic scenery, Tamarin stars the world’s cutest monkey on a quest to save his family from ever-expanding insects intent on industrializing the forest that the tamarin call home.

Tamarin channels the energy of 3D platformer classics and explorative Metroidvania shooters. Explore an incredible interconnected 3D world, brimming with primate platforming and bug-splattering shooter action. Leap with the agility of a tamarin as you journey into the Northern wilderness on scenic routes through forests, fjords, and mountains. Along the way, you will chase mysterious electrical fireflies, discover a secret underground world of dancing ants, rescue innocent birds, and restore the tamarins’ once idyllic natural habitat.

Director Omar Sawi has brought on an all-star cast of game developers, from studios such as Rare, to help execute his creative vision for Tamarin. To mention a few, Banjo-Kazooie character designer Steve Mayles helped craft the iconic new tamarins. Diddy Kong and Battletoads designer Kev Bayliss provided character concept art. Donkey Kong 64 artist Richard Vaucher leads the art production. Donkey Kong Country and Starfox Adventures composer David Wise tunes in with a beautiful and atmospheric soundtrack – complemented by the impactful sound effects of action-game veteran Graeme Norgate (GoldenEye 007, Jet Force Gemini, Killer Instinct).

Are you glad that Tamarin will be making the leap over to the other platform now or did you think it was only a matter of time? Do you think this will hinder the release schedule that was set forth before or will it all go out at the same time still? Do you see much of a change here from the last video we had or is it all just a new section of the game to celebrate the new release announcement? Let us have those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When there is more to share for Tamarin, we will have it all here. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and more.

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