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Tekken 8 Gets Another Bit Of AI Added In To Fight With

Tekken 8 Gets Another Bit Of AI Added In To Fight With

Tekken 8

Jack-8 is now here for Tekken 8 so we can further round out the Tekken alum part of the roster we have

We had King come back in for Tekken 8 earlier in the week and now we have another coming into the fight from the past too. All of this is something I hope that Bandai Namco is getting out the way for now with something truly new before the 2024 launch. Nonetheless, here we go with Jack-8 coming in for Tekken 8 and bringing this strong AI character back in. I guess, technically, this is a new character in the mix with Jack getting an “upgrade” with each new title. Only if we want to go with the technicalities out there since it still feels close to the original Jack that we have seen so many times before already.

Just as you may have figured out so far, Jack brings the same kind of brute form of fighting we have seen before in the games. Even if there is no sign that we will get the same sit-down manner of attack that was always so annoying to have happened. Maybe it is still in there and just not so exciting to see in this kind of trailer. Even if there is still time to show off Jack will be using a massive laser gun to end the fight. This feels like something that an AI would pull out from the start when any of the other Tekken characters take a fist-fighting stance. It would make sure that Jack would win no matter what, but most likely just part of the finishing move that we will be able to charge up along the way. Have a look and see how Jack has been brought to the next level of power.

Tekken 8 — Jack-8 Gameplay

Artificial intelligence. True strength.

Jack-8 brings in the big guns in Tekken 8.

Will we see another of the Tekken fighters in as we carry on or is the final one we will get for now? Is there a good reason that Jack-8 is not just going to pull a gun from the start or is this something we have to give a break on to make a balanced title? Will we ever get some new characters in this fight or will it just be the next title with all of the same things we have seen in the past? Tell us what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to. There should be much more for Tekken 8 out there, so please keep a close eye on the site for all of that and more. Maybe we will get something massive in the shorter order than the longer.

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