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Tekken 8 Offers Us Two More Fighters Coming When The Game Launches

Tekken 8 Offers Us Two More Fighters Coming When The Game Launches

Tekken 8

Two more of the past Tekken fighters are on the way to us when Tekken 8 launches in early next year

I thought we had all of the fighters listed out there for Tekken 8, but it seems as if I was wrong about all of that. In fact, we have two more to add to the list from Bandai Namco just before the January 26th, 2024, release date that we have set. Two more characters that are from the Tekken titles of the past too. One is from further back than the other, but they both are on the way to the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC when the date comes around. Let us all have a look at just who else will be joining the fights when all is said and done.

First up, we have Leo. A blast from the past of Tekken 6 that will be back in the fight again. In the fight and offering up the same kickboxing kind of style that so many of the characters have in the mix. I have been a bit out of the loop in the games, but I am guessing that Leo has taken a break since the last Tekken title and wants to be back in the fights. All while bringing a few weapons into the mix too. Maybe that is what will make Leo feel a bit different than all of the other fights we have seen with the same build and style when it comes to the fight. Have a look and see Leo in action.

Tekken 8 — Leo Gameplay

It’s time to punch the truth out of them. Leo makes a smashing return to Tekken 8!

Next, there is Steve Fox coming back from Tekken 4 to bring a bit more of the boxing style back into the fight here. While Steve is an old character, it is nice to see that we have someone who is going in with only fists and that level of skill instead of trying to bring weapons or other supernatural elements into it all. Even if all of that would make it hard for Steve to even survive a fight in Tekken 8 without it all. I am only here to slightly judge for now and you can Steve throwing fists just a little lower down if you would like to continue with the character showcases.

Tekken 8 — Steve Fox Gameplay

Time to knock out the competition 🥊

Steve will beat everyone to the punch in Tekken 8!

With each new character I see for Tekken 8, it does make me wonder how these games are able to keep moving on and with fans feeling like each character is a new thing. They all have started to feel about the same to me in this IP with maybe a different skin and model size. At least for the ones that do not have some sort of massive gimmick already cooked into the style. Sure, a boxer is going to fight differently than a wrestler, but most of the Tekken characters feel like they are using the same style just with a few different flourishes. Not just for the sake of gameplay balance but to pad a roster when we are all still just using the same character.

Did you want to see these two Tekken characters back in the mix or did you want something truly new out there? Do all of these characters truly feel different to you and how would you explain their differences beyond a basic gameplay balance? Would you want to have a game where all of the fighters function vastly differently or does there always need to be some kind of symmetry to the fight? Head into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we have out there for you. Please keep on coming back to check in on all of the Tekken 8 updates, as I am sure we will have a lot more.

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