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The Ancient Gods Are Now Out There In DOOM Eternal

The Ancient Gods Are Now Out There In DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal

The first part of the DOOM Eternal expansion is out there to give us all more DOOM to rip on through

We finally have more to experience for DOOM Eternal besides the ongoing multiplayer aspect of the game with the DLC or Expansion for the game finally out there. You know the one we have been talking about from id Software called The Ancient Gods that we have had teased for a while. Well, it is out there now and adding in quite a bit to the DOOM title here. More levels, enemies, and gore for us to experience by itself or as part of the larger title. Hopefully you picked up the season pass for it all, as this is only the first part to it all and we know there will be more if this does not sate your bloodlust.

Given that we are on the launch day for this new expansion to the DOOM Eternal fun, we have one more trailer for those still not sure if they want in on it all. Granted, if you did not play the core DOOM Eternal it may be a harder sell. Outside of the fact that you can get this small slice of the game on its own for $19.99 USD if you do not want to throw in for a full new title price. The core game is not needed, but it does add to the experience and what is going on if you do. Especially with taking on the enemies in the world that have a nice pattern that we are introduced to while going through the core game. You can be the judge on how you will spend your money though.

DOOM Eternal — The Ancient Gods – Part One

The Ancient Gods – Part One is available now! Watch the official trailer then experience the first campaign expansion for the critically acclaimed DOOM Eternal.

Your mission is now your own. The legions of Hell have razed the heavens, threatening to expand their control across dimensions. Unleash your vengeance and battle back to the Maykr’s realm. Defeat powerful new threats, restore order to the heavens, and unearth the corruption that has thrown the universe into chaos.

Are you fully ready to get back into the DOOM universe again or are you still showering off all of the blood from before? Do you think this will feel right as a standalone title or will you truly need to play the core game to get all-in for it? Do you think it is going to leave on a hard cliffhanger or will it be a slow burn into the next expansion that we know is coming? Let us have those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If we have more to share for DOOM Eternal, we will add it all here. Be sure to keep checking in here for all of that and much more.

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