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The Arenas Are Expanding Out There In The World Of Sifu

The Arenas Are Expanding Out There In The World Of Sifu


The fourth expansion to Sifu is here to expand out many more arenas into the latest world of Sifu

The timeline for Sifu just keeps pumping out there as we get more and more content added to the game. Here we are again with the fourth major content update that Sloclap as for us on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC for the game and it is further expanding out the Arenas in the game. It is another massive chunk to go into Sifu and is available as you are reading this text for all of those platforms right now. Unless you are reading this in the far future when the systems are no longer used or the DLC has been pulled from the respective stores. To you, I will say, “Hi future humans.” For everyone else, get out there and get to downloading this new content for the game.

This new update for Sifu will be adding in nine new locations into the mix with forty-five more challenges into the mix of things. This also will bring along five more game modes and up to ten more hours of gameplay to experience in the mix. Not too shabby to get that much more into the mix of things to keep the game going on even longer. Given that Sifu is all about time and living as long as possible while getting the crap beat out of you, it seems like it makes perfect sense here. You can get a nice little sample of what is going to be going on here in the latest trailer for this update. It is a new launch trailer and should be the best way to offer up the best look at it all. Stop reading and head down to that. Do we still read in the future now?

Sifu — Arenas Expansion Launch

Welcome to the Arenas! The 4th free major content update for Sifu adds a massive chunk of content to the game with the Arenas expansion. Available now on all platforms.

With 9 new locations and 45 merciless challenges spread over 5 game modes, the Arenas Expansion is packing up to 10 extra hours of gameplay into the already demanding title. Masters of Kung Fu will be pushed to their limits as waves of enemies crash upon them in Survival mode, or pushed to perfection in the Performance mode. With Time Attack, players can also battle against the clock on a path filled with enemies. Sifus looking for a twist on the game’s impactful combat can try the new Capture mode – where players must take and hold a marked area – or Manhunt mode, where a specific target surrounded by protectors must be taken down.

The world of Kung-Fu has no limits, and today it has crossed over the boundaries of all platforms. Sifu, 2022’s bombastic tale of Kung-Fu vengeance, is available today on Xbox consoles and PC via Steam, officially bringing the title to all available platforms.

You and I have unfinished business: As new Sifus join the fray today, developer Sloclap has also launched a full, free game expansion – Arenas Mode – available to new and existing players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Arenas Expansion will push the most experienced Kung-Fu masters to their limits in 45 merciless challenges spread over nine dynamic locations, completely separate from the main story mode. Adding over 10 extra hours of gameplay to the already demanding title, even the most accomplished of martial artists will be put to the test as they face a whole new type of challenge across five new modes.

One of 2022’s most critically-acclaimed releases, which recently surpassed more than 2 million sales worldwide, Sifu is bringing more to players with its fourth free major update since its launch in addition to the Arenas Expansion including new outfits, achievements, quality of life improvements, and Chinese Cantonese voice-over. Also debuting in today’s update are 28 new cheats to unlock new character moves and more, as well as nine new gameplay modifiers allowing players to bend the rules of the game. Players can also hone their advanced skills with new lessons in the training room, experience they’ll need to tackle the hordes of enemies – which sport improved AI – across both the main game and the Arenas content.

A beat ’em-up tale of vengeance set to a backdrop of a fictional Chinese city, Sifu places players in the shoes of a young Pak Mei Kung-Fu student who, following the murder of their master, embarks on an epic quest for revenge. To overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, fighters need to rely on a mastery of Kung-Fu and a magical pendant that revives them after death. But revenge comes at a price, exacted through defeat and the power of the pendant. With every failure, players will rise again, older and wiser, though with fewer years to spare than before. What is vengeance worth to you?

Have you been keeping up with Sifu up to now or was this the update you have been waiting for here? Will this give you a better challenge in the game than we have expected up to now or will this be the end-all-be-all for us? What do you think will be added into the mix next or will it just be more locations and variations from what we have had thus far? Head down in the comments and feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. We will offer up the latest for Sifu as we get it all, so please keep checking in for all of that and much, much more along the way into that non-reading future that no longer has access to this game for one reason or another.

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