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The Black Orcs Are Taking The Spotlight For Blood Bowl 3

The Black Orcs Are Taking The Spotlight For Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl 3

New footage for Blood Bowl 3 offers up a look at one of Blood Bowl’s major teams in the way of the Black Orcs

We might know some of the teams that will be back on the field for Blood Bowl 3, but it is always nice to get some highlights and spotlights for the various groups that are aiming to win everything out there. That or are just out there to add to the pain in the world and cause all kinds of hells for the opposing teams. That is how the latest team for Blood Bowl 3 that Cyanide is showing off here is rounding out with the big spotlight on the Black Orcs for the game. A team that may look like one we know from before, but seems to have a lot of darkness going on with how they all operate. That is not a play on words for the team’s name, mind you.

It looks like in Blood Bowl 3 that this team will focus more on just dishing out pain and trying to hurl their own goblins into the endzone to score some touchdowns during the game. There will only be three different types of creatures on this team with the mentioned Orcs, Trolls, and Black Goblins. These goblins being heartier and more populace for the team to try to keep things all balanced out there for them all. They will also be the ones that are generally running the ball in while the other two beasts aim to make sure no one can get to them. Even if it does look like the Trolls on this Blood Bowl team will be a bit on the dumber side and might opt to eat one of these goblins instead of helping us all out. It will certainly keep everything feeling a bit more chaotic on the field, to say the least.

Blood Bowl 3 — Black Orcs Spotlight

Brutal, crazy, tactical… this is Blood Bowl! The iconic death sport returns with the new video game of fantasy football faithfully using the latest board game rules and new content.

What do you think about this team and how it fits into the Blood Bowl IP here again? Do you think it will be frustrating to know that if the random number generator is hating you that you could lose the match by having your own trolls mess things up? Will you be looking for a different team besides playing the bruisers here? Give us all of those thoughts and more down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so want to do. We will drop more for Blood Bowl 3 on the site as we get it. Keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more as we head further towards the launch of it all.

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