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The Fight Pits For Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Are Ready For You

The Fight Pits For Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Are Ready For You

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

The online fighter pits for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War are ready for you to jump into to level up more of your Orcs in Shadow Of War

Get ready to take all of your Orcs into more furious battles as the Online Fighter Pits for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War are now open and ready for you to download onto your PS4, Xbox One, or PC. Whichever platform you picked the game up on pretty much and for the really low price of Free. This is one of those free updates that Monolith Productions had for us with the game and now it is here to add on more multiplayer fun to a game you have been grinding already. As if there was not enough to do in Shadow Of War already. Time to add another huge time sinkhole here as we will all want to make sure our fighters are at their top performance at all times.

In terms of how it all works, things are not defined out here for the release of this update, but I am going to guess that it works just like other pit fights just with your Orc going up against those of other players out there with all of the same consequences and such as well as bonuses. Either way, you can now take your Shadow Of War fun online and dominate over other players and earn extra bonuses along the way. Or potentially lose one of your chiefs given the skill and power of the opponent you are facing. All the fun risks you can take and for free. So head on out there and pick it all up.

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War — Online Fight Pits

Download the latest free content update for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War now to access the new Online Fight Pits! Enter your Orc Followers into a fight to the death against Uruks and Ologs from other players’ armies to train them up and win powerful rewards and upgrades.

Is this one of those free updates you were hoping to come to Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War quickly or is it one you will skip on? Do you think that a player can lose all of their Orcs in this manner or will some of them be “safe” so you can train them for the core game? Is this just another feature that will get lost in the rest of the game until something major pops up to require it? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. There is still more for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War to come out and we will have it all here. Stick around and keep looking through the site so you can see it all as it comes.

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