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The Final Word Of J. Jonah Jameson Is Here For Spider-Man

The Final Word Of J. Jonah Jameson Is Here For Spider-Man


The final DLC for Spider-Man is here and we have one more update via Just The Facts to show us what we can expect for Spider-Man yet again

The final DLC of the Season Pass for Spider-Man is now officially here for us all to download and experience. I have a feeling it will be the final DLC for the game outside of costumes and other little things, unless Insomniac Games surprises us with more out the blue. I would rather have a full new story and game instead of little bits here for Spider-Man, but I am not the one calling the shots over there. Only time will tell for now as we have yet another reason to pop back on to the game and our PS4. You have to love these little breaks while trying to catch up on the backlogs.

This is not the first word that this DLC was dropping today (12/21) for Spider-Man, but we do have another Just The Facts video for the game to highlight what is coming in the story and expansion to the game’s world. It looks like there will not be further Screwball challenges based on this, but that could be different once the DLC is spun up. We do get to see those new suits in motion here for Spider-Man though and we also have word that one more was added to the mix outside of this update. That would be the suit from the Sam Raimi film from 2002 for those demanding to have it. It is not Spider-Ham, but another one for free in the mix.

Spider-Man — Silver Lining | Just The Facts

It’s nice to have a voice you can depend on in these trying times. Even if that voice is J. Jonah Jameson.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining is out now.

Are you fully ready to see this Spider-Man saga come to an end here? Do you think it will only be a while until we see more DLC of this kind come to the game or will this be the true end for now? What other costumes were you hoping to get to experience in the game that has yet to be announced? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss away. If there are further updates for Spider-Man, we will have them here. Just keep swinging on by the site to see and hear all of those as they come.

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