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The Master Of Salmon Is Entering The Fight Again In Tekken 8

The Master Of Salmon Is Entering The Fight Again In Tekken 8

Tekken 8

Things are getting Bearable in Tekken 8 with Kuma showing off all of the Tekken fighting prowess again

I hope you are not allergic to fish out there, as it looks like Kuma is back for Tekken 8 and ready to start slapping us all around with a salmon. Yes, the big, bad bear from the history of the IP is coming back with Bandai Namco going with some interesting directions for the character. Like the fact that Kuma will be using a fish more in the fighting of Tekken than remembered. A fish that also seems to be a transformer of sorts now. Yeah, this game is starting to get a little more bonkers than I ever remember it being out there. Unless I am way off and January 26th, 2024, will show off something vastly different on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Just as with all of the other Tekken 8 characters, we have a look at the intro and fighting for Kuma just below. Fighting that makes our bear move on the slower side but also hits harder than I remember ever happening. Just as we have with all of the other large characters out there in the world. It is what it is, but it looks like most of Kuma’s special moves in Tekken 8 will revolve around the salmon in hand. An odd but funny choice if I do have to say something about it all. Have a look and see if Kuma will be your fighter when the game launches out there.

Tekken 8 — Kuma Gameplay

He’s going snap you like a twig with his bear hands.

Kuma, Master of Salmon will claw his way to victory in Tekken 8!

While I understand that Kuma is supposed to be a joke character as it was in the past of Tekken, it is a little concerning how they are going forward with the character here. By that, I am talking about how he proposes, gets turned down, and then goes into a violent rage against Panda. I understand Tekken is a fighting game, but this leans a bit too much into the whole domestic dispute or Incel movement if I had to say anything. Just a very odd and bad choice to go with to highlight Kuma for the game here. This should not be the response that is given when it comes to that kind of rejection. I understand these are bears we are talking about, but they do not do that in the wild either, so it is a poor choice to go with as it feels like it is trying to show others how they should respond to rejection as well.

Did you want to have Kuma back on the roster for Tekken 8 or did you have your heart set on a different character out there? Do you like the use of the salmon for the character more or is it one of the funnier choices they could have gone with? How do you feel about the rejection response that they are putting into the game or is this reading into it all a bit too much for you? Fight it all out in the comment section below to discuss it all and everything else we have to share with you. There is still more to come for Tekken 8, so please keep on coming back here to see and hear about all of it as we head into the new year.

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