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The PS5 Is Now Ready For Us To Join In On The Fun Of Immortality

The PS5 Is Now Ready For Us To Join In On The Fun Of Immortality


The PS5 launch of Immortality is finally here so more gamers can experience the films Immortality has for us

The next wave of gamers need to get ready to hop into the interactive movie of Immortality, with it finally launching on the PS5 today. That should round out the main platforms that Half Mermaid had listed for the game for those looking to have a solid narrative experience out there. Although, if we make Immortality another of those popular titles out there, maybe we will be able to see it drop on to many others down the line. For now, though, we will kick back and get ready to see what it has for us to experience on the PS5. If you have not already just gone out to watch someone else play through the experience and ruin things for yourself already.

Those that have not kept an eye on Immortality, this is another point-and-click style game where we will need to try to figure out how Marissa Marcel disappeared. This will take course over three of their movies and behind-the-scenes footage where we will need to piece things together and link scenes at the same time. All through a new tech the game is calling the “match cut.” This will let us sift through the cinematic language of Immortality to solve things and find all of the hidden secrets within. All as we watch the live-action videos play out with the actors giving it their all for the experience. Have a look at the last trailer we have to get a better idea if that did not paint the best picture in your head.

Immortality — PS5 Launch Trailer

Immortality, the critically acclaimed game from Sam Barlow and Half Mermaid, is available on PlayStation 5 today.

An Interactive Movie Trilogy

Marissa Marcel was a film star. She made three movies. But none of the movies were ever released. And Marissa Marcel disappeared. An interactive trilogy from Sam Barlow, creator of Her Story.

Immortality is Sam Barlow’s first return to the horror genre since Silent Hill: Shattered Memories in 2009. In this game, players get to explore a treasure trove of newly discovered footage from the three lost movies of Marissa Marcel. By using a magical new mechanic – the ability to ‘match cut’ from a visual at any point in a piece of footage – players navigate via cinematic language to dig up the secrets beneath the surface.

Written with Allan Scott (Don’t Look Now, Queen’s Gambit), Amelia Gray (Mr. Robot, Maniac), and Barry Gifford (Wild at Heart, Lost Highway), Immortality is a boldly ambitious attempt to deconstruct cinema whilst riffing on the mechanics of Pokémon Snap. Barlow’s goal has been to create a game as messy and personal, as wild and unconstrained as his favorite movies and books.

What happened to Marissa Marcel?

This style of game always hit me right in the “cozy” level of gaming and I am sure that Immortality will scratch that itch for me on the PS5 now. This is where I do a lot of my unwinding and since this looks like it will be more of a point-and-click movie to get through, I am down to see how that all flows. The “match cut” aspect might be a little bit on the tougher side, if the controls for it are more complicated than they look, but I think that might be the only main hurdle to get over. Then maybe we can get a full understanding of why the game about someone going missing is called Immortality. This is not something I have picked up on yet, but it certainly caught my eye in the first place. Time to go see it all, I guess.

Have you had a chance to play Immortality on the other platforms or will this be the first time you have a shot at it? How weird will the “match cut” actually be or will it be as simple as finding a few places that overlap and clicking a button? Will we find out why the game has the title it does or will it link into how the medium can make us immortal by living on in the memories of the masses? Head on to the comment section to let us all know your thoughts about this and everything else that you might be thinking. If we have a chance to bring more for Immortality, know that we will bring it as soon as we can. Please keep on checking back here for all of those updates and anything else we can find along the way for you.

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