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The PS5 Will Soon Need To Solve, Hide, Or Die With The Release Of Do Not Open

The PS5 Will Soon Need To Solve, Hide, Or Die With The Release Of Do Not Open

Do Not Open

The PS5 release date for Do Not Open is now set with a new update for the PSVR2 version of Do Not Open yet to come

The wait is almost over for those looking to get a new horror title out there on the PS5 with Do Not Open finally sticking us all with a release date and window for the game. It needs to be mentioned that way, as Nox Noctis has given us a November 15th release date for the digital version of the game but there is an Early 2023 for the physical and PS4 version that is on the way. I am guessing that the PC version of Do Not Open will hit in November too, but the PS5 is the only solid date we have for now. Given how the game has come to light, that makes a bit of sense, but it would have been nice to have them all ready for us to share with the world.

If that was a bit confusing, do not worry, it goes a bit deeper for Do Not Open too. As it looks like the PS4 version will also not be coming with the VR access that we all thought would be coming there. No, instead it looks like that will be stripped out to make the game work better on the PS4 and to allow the team to get Do Not Open all ready for the PlayStation VR2 system when that launches. A call that makes perfect sense given the current timeline, but something that will most likely upset those that have not made the leap to the next-gen yet. As long as you were looking to experience all of these horrors in the VR setting and not just the usual first-person mode.

Do Not Open — PS5 Release Date

Nox Noctis is delighted to announce the PlayStation 5 version of the award-winning horror game Do Not Open, will release digitally on 15th November. There will also be a Physical Edition, which will be released on 25th November across Europe, with the USA physical release coming in early 2023. The PlayStation 5 version will be digitally and physically published by Perp Games.

The PlayStation 4 version of Do Not Open will be released in early 2023. To develop the best possible VR experience of Do Not Open, Nox Noctis has also announced they have removed the VR element from the PlayStation 4 version and are focusing resources on a definitive VR version for the up-and-coming PlayStationVR2 platform.

Do Not Open is a disturbing survival horror, influenced by escape room mechanics.

Under immense pressure in a terrifying and oppressive environment, Michael J. Goreng, an infamous zoologist and epidemiologist is trapped within a warped version of his own house. His wife and daughter are in severe danger. Escape the house whilst dealing with a mysterious paranormal threat, stalking you. The pressure is intense as a clock ticks down to zero. The clock stops. Hurry! Solve, Hide, or Die!

Is it a bit of a letdown that Do Not Open will not be out for the Halloween season proper or will it just help carry it all over into the next month? Did you have plans to experience it all in VR or was that going to be a little too intense for you to even think about? When in 2023 do you think we will see the game launch on the other systems and will it be a launch-day title for the PSVR2? Sound off in the comments and then let the discussion flow out there a bit more. As we get more for Do Not Open, we will share it all here. Please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else that we have to offer up along the way.

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