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The Rest Of The Roster Is Finally Here For Street Fighter 6

The Rest Of The Roster Is Finally Here For Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6

The full roster for Street Fighter 6 is here with more new and old fighters from the Street Fighter IP showing up

We have made it to the end of the list as it comes to the roster for Street Fighter 6. During the recent State Of Play, Capcom finally filled in the last few slots to give us the eighteen-character line-up we will have when the game launches on June 2nd for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It has been filled with many new and old characters, with the latest three coming in and filling in those ranks. We have two more of the Street Fighter alum coming back in with one more new character that feels a little out of place. No matter the case, here we go with the final few characters to expand out and fill in the full roster of the game until the DLC starts to flow out and fill it in even more.

Here, we get to see as Zangief and Cammy have made their way back into the fight along with all of the other upgrades that Street Fighter 6 is coming along with. The characters look and feel similar to what we have seen before with a little more to the over-the-top and sexualized aspects of them. This is interesting since the third character, Lily, feels a little out of place. In fact, if it was not due to the connection Lily has to T. Hawk from Street Fighter II, their clumsy fighting and weird use of weapons would feel completely out of place for it all. Outside of giving some comic relief to the game and showing off how they can keep the world story trudging along, that is. Have a look and see the full roster in motion now as we all wait to see where it will go before the full launch in June.

Street Fighter 6 — Zangief, Lily, & Cammy Gameplay

Street Fighter 6 continues to Tatsu its way toward launch with today’s PlayStation State of Play digital event, which saw the reveal of three new characters, including the legendary Cammy and Zangief, plus the high-flying newcomer Lily. This trio of combatants completes the jam-packed 18-character launch roster which includes all eight of the original Street Fighter World Warriors (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief, E. Honda, Blanka, Dhalsim), four returning franchise favorites (Cammy, Juri, Dee Jay, Luke), and six brand new faces (Lily, Jamie, Kimberly, Manon, Marisa, JP) for players to test their mettle with. Players around the world can get their hands on all the hard-hitting Street Fighter 6 action starting on June 2, 2023, across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

Cammy, Zangief, and Lily each bring their own personality and highly skilled fighting expertise to the game:

  • Cammy: First appearing in Super Street Fighter II, the cat-loving Cammy returns with her beloved arsenal of high-powered attacks, including Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike, and Hooligan Combination. The Heavy version of each of those three moves has been enhanced to allow for a delay which results in altered properties for some big damage. Visit King Street, Cammy’s foggy, industrial stage, and perform deadly Super Art moves like the Killer Bee Spin and Delta Red Assault to send opponents to their knees and get the crowd buzzing.
  • Zangief: Rumbling his way onto the scene is the immense Zangief, an original World Warrior who loves to show off for the crowd at Barmaley Steelworks. A professional wrestler by trade, Zangief keeps hold of his trademark throws like the Screw Piledriver and Siberian Express, picking up new moves like the counter throw Tundra Storm. His Level 2 Super Art Cyclone Lariat and Level 3 Super Art Bolshoi Storm Buster are sure to be crowd-pleasers.
  • Lily: A new addition to the roster, Lily will seem familiar to some as she is a descendant of the Thunderfoot tribe, the same tribe as the iconic T. Hawk who was first seen in Super Street Fighter II. Small but mighty, Lily speaks with the spirits of nature at her home in the vibrant Thunderfoot Settlement and defeats enemies with her ferocious Condor Dive, Condor Spire, and Tomahawk Buster. Condor Wind will grant one Windclad stock, which powers up each of the aforementioned moves. Lily wields her war clubs to barrage opponents in her Level 1 Super Art Breezing Hawk and slams her enemies to the ground with her Level 3 Super Art Raging Typhoon.

Street Fighter 6 is available for pre-order now and represents the next evolution of the Street Fighter series with a combo of unique fighting game innovations and brimming with content across three brand new game modes – Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub.

Were these the classic Street Fighter characters you have been waiting to show on the roster or did you have your heart set on others? Does it feel like Lily is out of place or will it be a nice change of pace to help the game shine a bit more? How long will this be the only list of characters and will we start seeing the DLC announcements just before the game’s launch? Head into the comment section and discuss it all as you so wish to do. There will be a lot more when it comes to Street Fighter 6, so please keep a close eye on the site for all of that. I hope we will have some lag between the launch and DLC, but we all know how this industry has been going over the years…

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