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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Drops A Few More Petals To Follow Along With

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Drops A Few More Petals To Follow Along With

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

A new ARG called Petals dropped with those solving it finding their way to some new details for the upcoming The Texas Chain Saw Massacre title

Another update is here for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game that is on the way, and it took a bit to uncover out there. That does mean that there is a little bit of a spoiler mixed in here for those that want to go down the rabbit hole that Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham crafted to find it all out. We do not want to deprive you of that since there is a whole ARG out there to get this new bit for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Now that we have that out of the way, here we go with the new bits to get us all amped up for the game to drop on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

If you are trying to experience all of the fun out there to get to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre news, do not go beyond the video we have here. This is for a new game that popped up called Petals. All of which started with a few social media posts and an application to download and continue things forward. It does look like many of the scenes feel like they would take place in Texas from the basics, but if you did not know that already, it could be a bit to discover. If you do not want to go through all of the processes to get to the new updates, you can continue past the video here and we will let you in on it all.

Petals — Game

Play Petals for free at http://petalsgame.com

Spoilers in…




If you are still here or went through all of the breadcrumbs to follow, then you will know that this was all to announce two more killers coming to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre when it launches. Two new killers that are being made by the team specifically for the game nothing from the core lore we have had thus far. Here we have Sissy and Johnny getting added in and both of them look pretty much like basic Texas Thugs out there. I know that sounds a bit of a basic way to put it, but just looking at the concept art that is uncovered, you can see what I am talking about here. Have a look and get ready to wait for more.

Did you opt to go through the whole ARG to get this news for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre or did you skip it for those that went through it all for you? Do you like the look of these killers we are going to see in the mix or do they feel a little too generic to be excited over for now? Will we see more things like this to drop more news or will this be a one-and-done affair here? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all too. When we have more to offer up for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, it will be here on the site for you. Please keep a close eye on the site to see and hear all of that in due time.

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