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The Utopian Dream Is Not As It All Seems In Atomic Heart

The Utopian Dream Is Not As It All Seems In Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart

Breakdown more for Atomic Heart with a new gameplay overview and look at the massive new world coming with Atomic Heart

Here we go with the deepest of dives into Atomic Heart that we have had ever. Just in time before the game’s launch on February 21st on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Mundfish is finally ready to give us the big showing that we have been craving to get truly excited about and see how the game could be vastly different than we could have thought. There have been many assuming that Atomic Heart was just a different title with a Russian overlay, and here we get to see just how correct or incorrect those thoughts were. Let us take a deep dive into what is coming and then see which version of the game we are going to be picking up.

There was a whole lot of speculation and thought that Atomic Heart was going to be extremely close to titles like BioShock out there. This new gameplay does not do much to make it stand away from it, but that does not mean that we should not be amped to give it all a go. As it looks, Atomic Heart will have us roaming back into a facility where robots and mutants have reclaimed an underground test facility after the technology has gone wrong. We are going to have our own little AI glove in the mix, which gives us the superpowers, and a whole slew of weapons to take them all down and figure out what truly happened out there in Atomic Heart. That or just have fun looking around this new world and following the story instead of just running and gunning along out there.

Atomic Heart — Gameplay Overview

Atomic Heart, the action-RPG set in the mad utopia of an alternate post-WWII world, has revealed brand-new gameplay footage in a fresh, in-depth trailer! Developed by Mundfish and published by Focus Entertainment, the game is coming Feb. 21, 2023, to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-order it now and prepare for frenzied action in a wacky and visually stunning world!

Atomic action to get your heart pounding

Today’s gameplay overview trailer features juicy new footage, showcasing a cinematic shooter that shines not only for its combat but for its intrigue, setting, characters, and deep mechanics.

Unforgiving combat and explosive encounters have you blasting rogue robots, giant machines, and even mutants. Make sure to adapt your fighting style to each opponent, stay wary of your environment and upgrade your equipment to make your way through artificial madness. With three difficulty levels to choose from, you can decide just how atomic you want the experience to be—whether you’re a hardcore player looking for ever more challenging action, or an adventurer eager to explore eerie environments and an engrossing narrative in a Story Mode-type experience.

Four editions available for pre-order

Atomic Heart can be pre-ordered now, with four editions to choose from:

  • The Limited Edition Bundle, exclusive to the Focus Entertainment Store, which includes the base game, a Steelbook, a metal poster, and the official artbook designed by Mundfish
  • The Standard Edition, which includes the base game
  • The Gold Edition, which includes the base game and the Atomic Pass
  • The Premium Edition, which includes the base game, the Atomic Pass, an exclusive digital artbook, and extra cosmetics

The Atomic Pass takes the Atomic Heart experience even further with four DLCs, opening access to new areas and labs, as well as new weapons, enemies, bosses, and more! The “Labor & Science” DLC is included in physical editions and granted as a bonus for digital pre-orders of any edition.

If all of that tickled your fancy for Atomic Heart, there will be four different ways for you to pick the game up and experience it all. A version sold by Focus Entertainment directly that will give you the game and a bunch of extra art along with it. Then we have the Standard, Gold, and Premium editions that will be sold everywhere. Offering up Atomic Heart, planned DLC, and for the biggest version, more of the artwork and extra cosmetics to enjoy. It is a little concerning to see that there are going to be areas, bosses, and weapons unlocked with said DLC, but hopefully, that will truly be something added in and not just gated away to drive everyone to buy the bigger versions.

Do you see Atomic Heart as being a vastly different title than the ones we have compared it to already or will it just be a different take on the same thing? Will there be an option to just play the story in the mix of all of this or will that just be the easier mode of the game instead of going all-in on the faster action? Is it a little concerning to have the planned DLC for this game beforehand or is this the only way we would have been able to get the game in a timely manner? Let the world out there know what you are thinking about all of this and then feel free to discuss it all in the comments. We will keep the news for Atomic Heart flowing out there for everyone, so please keep checking in for all of that and more.

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