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The Villains Are Out In Force Just Before The Launch Of Gotham Knights

The Villains Are Out In Force Just Before The Launch Of Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights

New villains are here for Gotham Knights as we get ready for the new launch date we have to share for Gotham Knights

We have had a few teases for Gotham Knights when it comes to the villains so far. We all knew Mr. Freeze and the Court of Owls were going to play a larger role in the game and give all of our heroes a bit of a headache. Now, out of Gamescom, WB Games Montréal has offered up a couple more villains from the long list that will be showing up to give the Gotham Knights a run for their money. We are talking about Harley Quinn and Clayface here. Both will be in the game in their own unique way and ready to smash us all on October 21st. Oh, yeah, it looks like the game is landing on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC a little earlier now too.

As you will be able to see in the latest showing for Gotham Knights, it looks as if Harley Quinn will be up to the usual out there after escaping Arkham in the game. She looks to be a bit more on the “influencer” side of things, which feels like it tracks when it comes to anyone out there that is claiming to be one in the real world. Then we have Clayface that will be the monstrous goliath that he should be from over the years. All while making it feel like each of the villains announced now will focus in on one of the specific members of the Gotham Knights team. That could be just how the trailer shows it here since we should be able to play the game the whole time as one member if we do not want to swap between them. Have a look and get ready to play it a few days early. Unless you also had your preorder canceled out there when the date change took place…

Gotham Knights — Villains

Warner Bros. Games and DC released a new trailer for Gotham Knights, the upcoming open-world action RPG in development by WB Games Montréal. The video reveals two DC Super-Villains – the Mastermind criminal “influencer” Harley Quinn and the shape-shifting colossus Clayface, who are both part of the vast criminal element threatening the city in Gotham Knights, along with the cold-blooded Mr. Freeze and the secret and sinister Court of Owls. The trailer also provides a closer look at Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin in action as the four knights face off against these fearsome foes while trying to protect a vulnerable Gotham City.

Additionally, the Gotham Knights launch date has been moved up to Oct. 21, 2022, allowing players to jump into the action four days early when the game releases worldwide on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Did you expect to see these new villains in the mix for Gotham Knights or is Clayface the bigger shock to you? Will they each plague a specific member of the team or will it always be up to us on who we want to use to bring them down? Could we get many more of the cast of villains in the final game or will these be the big ones with the city being the other big obstacle? Give us all of your thoughts about this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. More for Gotham Knights should be on the way, so be sure to keep checking back in for everything that we can offer up to you. Hopefully, you will not be let down by this game when it hits.

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