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The Walking Dead: Destinies Puts Rick & Carol Into Some Combat

The Walking Dead: Destinies Puts Rick & Carol Into Some Combat

The Walking Dead: Destinies

More for The Walking Dead: Destinies is out there to show off the combat we will employ with some characters in The Walking Dead: Destinies

We have had a little bit of fun with looking at some of the stories coming in The Walking Dead: Destinies, and now it is finally time to have a look at one of the other aspects of the game. That being how the action of the events will play out when not just choosing the paths that Flux Games is presenting us with. It would not be a title in The Walking Dead IP if there was not some kind of combat and zombie killing in the mix. This is what we have to look at as we see Caral and Rick wade into the sea of walkers and other enemies in the game. All to build to some of the different life choices we will be presented with when the game hits the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC on November 17th, digitally.

There have been a few teases in the past for all of this in The Walking Dead: Destinies, and that is a little more of what we have here. However, we get about thirty seconds of each character going through a few locations and using their weapons to bring an end to many different enemy types. Sometimes this is by swinging large and blunt objects to smash some skulls and others it is by taking aim and just shooting someone in the head. And in some cases, just as in The Walking Dead show, there is a bit of stealth that we will need to use to sneak up and get that easy head stab. Mostly on the walkers, but given that we have one of the psychopaths in the mix here, I would venture that we will use some of this new action gameplay to stab some of the living in the head too. Maybe even becoming the villain they should have been had it not been for the fan’s outcry.

The Walking Dead: Destinies — Carol In Combat

Some people can’t give up. Like us.

Carol’s skepticism and resourcefulness are crucial for the survival of the group. How will you utilize her strengths in The Walking Dead: Destinies?

The Walking Dead: Destinies — Carol In Combat

Begin your journey as Rick Grimes, waking alone in a hospital surrounded by the dead. Assemble allies and fight your way through the Walker apocalypse across iconic locations from The Walking Dead, including Atlanta, the Greene family farm, the prison, and Woodbury. In crucial choice-driven moments, you’ll forever shape the destiny of your team of characters from the series. Heroes and villains, living and dead – it’s up to you to decide whether to stay the course of history or forge your own path through the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Coming to all platforms digitally on 11/17/23, Physical Xbox and PlayStation on 12/1/23, and Physical Nintendo Switch on 1/16/24.

After seeing all of this, I do have to say The Walking Dead: Destinies gameplay looks insanely bland and akin to something that we would have played before the TV show even aired. The visuals are insanely subpar and the movement in the game looks like something that would be an early student project. Even the sneaking has us barely hiding behind a barricade that any normal person would be able to see past. If I saw a floating head wander past in this setting, I would call that out and not pretend I did not see a thing. Then again, The Walking Dead: Destinies is trying to sell us all on the “what if?” aspect of the story and not specifically the combat. Other titles using the IP have been able to do this very well and to the point where the basic visuals and gameplay are quickly ignored for something more gripping. We can hold out hope for that while ignoring a gameplay loop that looks like it came from the early 2000s.

Do you think that we will have some great story alterations for The Walking Dead here or does all of this raise some red flags for you too? Do you agree that all of this looks like a lazy attempt to add in some other gameplay element so we do not focus on just the story and choices needing to be made? Could the new story branches make us all forgive the dated look to all of this or will that shine too bright for you to truly be able to get into the IP one more time? Walk on into the comment section below to discuss all of this and everything else we have to share with the world out there. There should be more for The Walking Dead: Destinies out there, so please keep on checking back in for all of those updates and many others as we get ready to dive into some kind of a future.

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