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The Wolf Among Us Release Date Announced

The Wolf Among Us Release Date Announced

The Wolf Among Us

I am back with another update on Telltale’s next epic episodic game series The Wolf Among Us. Telltale has announced that the first episode of The Wolf Among Us will be available on the Xbox 360, PC and Mac on October 11th. Telltale did not mention a PS3 release date but did say that it should be out a few days after the other platforms. I’m going to guess October 15th as that will be the day of the next PSN update.

The first episode will cost $4.99 and is called Faith. Every following episode will also retail at $4.99 when purchased individually. As an alternative, console players will be able purchase a season pass for $14.99 that will include episodes two through five. PC players can purchase a season pass for $24.99 however theirs works a bit differently. Instead of only including episodes two through five it includes every episode plus a bonus DVD if ordered through Telltale’s website.

Telltale also released some new screens and a launch trailer to help you prepare for Friday; check them out below. If you missed out on Telltale’s last game you can now download the first episode of The Walking Dead for free now on all platforms. This would be a great way to get a taste of what to expect when The Wolf Among Us launches October 11th.

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