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There Is A Bit More To Explain Here For Biomutant

There Is A Bit More To Explain Here For Biomutant


New details for Biomutant are here to further explain some of the story and gameplay for Biomutant a bit before launch

There just seems like there is a never-ending flow of information for Biomutant flowing out there now and it is all filling in so many of the little gaps that always stays out there. We have seen a lot on how the game is going to look and move out there, and now it is time to get a bit more of the context behind it all. Experiment 101 is bringing us an action-RPG here on May 25th, so there needs to be something that helps dictate it all besides “video games.” This is where the latest update for Biomutant is going to kick in and offer a bit of filler to it all while giving us all another look at how the world will play. All with a little more lore and story built right in again too.

Much of this new video for Biomutant is similar combat gameplay we have seen up to now, but there is a whole new look at the world map, character creation, and customization. All of which is something we knew was coming since the inception of the game, we just get to see how much more has been added into it all and the degree we can go with. It all looks like a whole lot of sliders, which could give us a bit more control, but it sounds like some of the character stats will also manipulate it all too. The true customization in Biomutant does look like it will boil down to the armor and weapons we will be wearing in the game. All of which are set up to be insanely modular and all have some kind of addition beyond just look. Not that we have to worry about durability on things here, thankfully.

The bigger update here for Biomutant has to come with the way we will be learning our fighting styles and making allies in the world. This looks like it will be done through the six different tribes out there that are part of the bigger conflict in the game. Each has their own style and they teach that down their lines. We will have to choose one from the start to enforce our playstyle a bit more, but we will be able to shift that and our allegiances along the way. Something that will also shift the story of Biomutant a bit more than we previously thought out there. Especially when you see that three of them are considered “light” and three that are “dark.” Not that there has ever been a karma system forced in the mix before.

Biomutant — Explanation

Biomutant will release next week! We know everyone is excited but some people still might wonder how certain parts of Biomutant work, how crafting is done, and what the Aura system all about.

To that end, we sat down with Stefan Ljungqvist, Art & Creative Director at Experiment 101, and asked him to tell us more about the world of Biomutant. We captured it all in the new Explanation Trailer!

Biomutant is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 25th, 2021.

How will you be customizing your Biomutant in the game here and will you be able to perfect it with just the sliders? Do you agree that it looks like the armor will be the bigger way to stand out here instead of the body? Do you think we will be able to master all of the styles or will we only have a few options to mix together and then be limited to the others over time? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to do. If there is more for Biomutant to share, we will have it all here for you. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we might have to offer up to you all.

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