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Thief Looks Like It Is Full Of Loot And Moral Victories

Thief Looks Like It Is Full Of Loot And Moral Victories


We have some new screen shots for Thief as well as a bit about how you are urged to take the moral high road during gameplay. There is even a Trophy/Achievement involved…

So when you hear a game title like Thief you don’t normally think that there will be any sort of positive moral values or overtones. I mean it should be a game about stealing things from people who have too much or just what you want. You know, embodying the concepts of greed and envy; two things that are not usually considered traits of the morally upright. Any way you want to cut it though there is a full on experience in Thief that focuses on trying to claim a Moral Victory (yes that is the name of a trophy/achievement in the game).

Now while you would expect that you need to help Garrett stay on the straight and narrow, this is actually more along the lines of the non-violent aspects of Dishonored. You can read that as you can play Thief without killing or knocking anyone out. So you can steal all you want and as long as you don’t hurt no one you can still be considered a morally upright person. Seems odd to think but that is how it is.

I get that this is really grabbing at little things in Thief to try to make a big deal but all in all it is more of a fun way to engage you to think about things as well as fill up some space so you can have more than just the awesome screen shots below. Like I would really care about moral implications in game. Although I guess that does put a bit of an extra challenge as it is always easier to rob a place for what you need/want when everyone is either dead or knocked out.

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