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Things Are Getting A Little More Hardcore For The Callisto Protocol

Things Are Getting A Little More Hardcore For The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol

A new update for The Callisto Protocol is here to give us all one hardcore way to replay The Callisto Protocol again

There has been some love and some hate for The Callisto Protocol since it launched a few months ago now, but it looks like we finally have one more big reason to dive back into the mix again. A new Hardcore Mode is on the way to us all from Striking Distance Studios so we can dive back in for some new challenges on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. A new challenge that will have us going through The Callisto Protocol once more with limited ammo and limited health. All while beefing up the enemies along the way too. As if we did not have a hard time with the base game already, we can kick ourselves in the teeth with this new and free update.

To go along with this, and to give those Season Pass holders something, there is a new skin collection out there for The Callisto Protocol too. It gives all of our characters and weapons a nice new look to use that Photo Mode for and see how things would look differently while dying a whole lot. Not the best of updates for the extra purchase many have made out there for The Callisto Protocol, but maybe this is just a taste of things to come since the team has only had a few months to work on something to give us. We will just need to keep our eyes out for more of those updates in the near future, maybe.

The Callisto Protocol — Hardcore Mode + Outer Way Skins Collection

You enjoyed putting your skills to the test in The Callisto Protocol and maxing out your arsenal in the New Game+ update. But now an all-new challenge awaits – Hardcore Mode – FREE for all players.

With limited ammo and health drops, reduced contraband value, and more dangerous enemies – Hardcore Mode is a challenging take on The Callisto Protocol’s survival-horror experience, intended to push you to your limits.

The Outer Way Skin Collection is also available for season pass owners. Survive The Callisto Protocol’s terrifying campaign in style or show off your player and weapon skins in Photo Mode. The collection includes Outer Way-themed player and weapons skins for all your gear.

Have you been wanting to replay The Callisto Protocol in a harder way or was it already too much for you on the first play? Will there be any real bonus to completing the game in this way or will it only be bragging rights for now? Were you hoping for more than cosmetics for the first drop on the Season Pass or is this about what we should expect moving forward? Leave those comments and discussion down below in the section. We hope that there will be more for The Callisto Protocol soon, and we will keep our eyes wide open for all of that. Just keep coming back here to see and hear about all of that too.

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