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This Is Humanity’s Chance To Repent In DOOM Eternal

This Is Humanity’s Chance To Repent In DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal

A new trailer for DOOM Eternal is here to give us a bit more on the story and just where this DOOM title will be going

It looks like March is going to be rather explosive in terms of FPS titles as we have a new look at DOOM Eternal to get us all amped up for this one just in case we were not already. I know I have been hard-pressed to find anyone that has not been anticipating this one from id Software since we had a good look at it last year from Bethesda. I mean, DOOM is one of those huge and nostalgic franchises out there that we will most likely keep paying for over and over, but thankfully, this one looks to put the rest to shame in all manners of it all. In the best of ways and not in a “we should shut it all down” kind of way.

All of that aside, we have a new trailer here for DOOM Eternal to not only help cement that we have a few months to go before we can all go to Hell but to show us a bit more on the story we will get to play out here. Not that it has been all too deep in general, but we have a few more demons teased here and get to see just how some of the high-paced action will unfold. All in the great over-the-top style that DOOM is known for. Have a look and see why March 20th is going to be the day to get us all hooked back in for gaming in this arena. In more way than one. As long as the FPS genre is your go-to of choice. If not, then you may be overwhelmed with what you are about to see.

DOOM Eternal — Official Trailer 2

DOOM Eternal is ripping and tearing into 2020 with a brand-new action-packed, demon-demolishing trailer. Get a glimpse at brand-new enemies like the Marauder and the Gladiator, see vicious new glory kills, observe the devastating power of the Crucible weapon and witness what the team at id Software has in store for the latest chapter in the DOOM Slayer’s violent saga.

Was this the right level of crazy for the DOOM franchise or do you demand more from it all? Do you like the new little story bits that we have here or would you rather go in completely blind from the start? Do you even care and have already pre-ordered that crazy edition with the helmet and everything? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. When we have more to share for DOOM Eternal, you know we will do it all here. Be sure to keep jumping back on the site to see and hear all of it as we head off toward March.

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