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Time To Claim Your Inheritance As Layers Of Fear Gets Story DLC

Time To Claim Your Inheritance As Layers Of Fear Gets Story DLC

Layers Of Fear: Inheritance

A new Layers Of Fear experience is upon us as we have the first bit of DLC called Layers Of Fear: Inheritance that will expand more on the original story

If you didn’t get enough Layers Of Fear back when it first launched and then came to consoles, then it looks like good news is coming for you. It turns out that Bloober Team and Aspyr Media have been working on a bit of DLC for the game and it adds a whole new story into the mix. Yes, we are getting more story for the game as Layers Of Fear: Inheritance is coming this August for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC version of the game and it aims to expand more on the overall story as well as give us a little closure on things…maybe…

All we have as of now is that Layers Of Fear: Inheritance will be continuing the story of the original game only that this time it will be from the perspective of the protagonist’s daughter. She has been left his legacy and now she is going back to the old mansion to see what has been left. Also to try and come out of the whole event without losing her own sanity in the process. Something that could be easy to lose along the way but that is up to us to help her keep and come out of this stronger and not…well…dead in the end.

Layers Of Fear: Inheritance — Announcement Trailer

On top of the new bits of story that will be coming to Layers Of Fear in this DLC, it looks like a new story mechanic of sort will be coming too. This will all be in the way of having two different endings all based on the choices and actions taken during the story. I’m going to guess that there will be a good ending and a bad ending where one lives and the other is drug off to an asylum for “fixing.” At least that would seem the logical way all of this will end up going given the story so far. Maybe we’ll all be given a bigger twist then that but we’ll have to wait.

Are you excited to see that Layers Of Fear is getting a big story DLC add-on here? How do you think the endings will play out in the grand scheme of things here? Do you think that we will see more if this bit does as well as the original game did? Let us know and feel free to speculate in the comments below. For more on Layers Of Fear: Inheritance as it comes be sure to keep your browser locked into the site here. We’ll have it and you know that you’ll want it.

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