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Try To Make It Out Of The School Of Death In Last Year: The Nightmare

Try To Make It Out Of The School Of Death In Last Year: The Nightmare

Last Year: The Nightmare

Last Year: The Nightmare has launched on Discord and we can see what is in store for us as we see some of the gameplay for Last Year right now

Here we are again at that wonderful time of year when it is time to go kill some students and make it out alive over the holiday break with Last Year: The Nightmare. At least for those of us willing to give the game a go on the PC via Discord as Elastic Games’ title has now launched there with other platforms to follow next year. Assuming that all goes well here in this version of it all. No point in wasting money if Last Year does not grab our attention here, but let us not focus on that and look to see the game in the best light. As a one versus five multiplayer game where we are killing students in their high school. Just what we want during the Christmas holiday.

All jesting aside, Last Year: The Nightmare is currently available on Discord for $29.99 and looks to set out to do what others have failed to. As you can see in the launch trailer below, it looks to have all the panicked fun of trying to survive one character or trying to take down everyone else. The game also features some gameplay elements that others in the same vein did not have, which could make it stand out. I mean, usually I am not a fan of watching others play a game, but what we have been given here for Last Year make me want to get a group together and start slaying again. In the video game world of course…

Last Year: The Nightmare — Launch Trailer

In Last Year: The Nightmare, five players work together to escape a school while a sixth player attempts to make them his latest victims. Armed with an arsenal of powers and tools, the killer’s sole mission is to take down the five players as they complete the objectives that will ultimately lead to their safety.

Their best chance for survival? Staying together. The killer’s best chance at a win? Tearing them apart.

Have you been counting the days until Last Year released or will you be waiting to see how others take it in first? Do you think that Elastic Games learned a few things from the other failed versions of the game style out there or will it follow the same suit? Do you think it will truly come to consoles and other platforms or will they need to recoup their costs before that happens? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. When we have more to share for Last Year: The Nightmare, we will share it. For now, just keep checking in on the site as we will keep it all flowing to you.

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