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Twin Mirror Has A Release Date Before The End Of This Year

Twin Mirror Has A Release Date Before The End Of This Year

Twin Mirror

The release date for Twin Mirror is set down here with us seeing Twin Mirror out there before the end of December

Here we go with another game set down to release for us before the end of the year with Twin Mirror getting laid down for December 1st now. That is still a good clip away from when we get to see it on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC but just one more title to look forward to. Especially with how DontNod has been with all of their titles out there and it looks like Twin Mirror might be adding into that mix. It does not look like it will be the usual episodic bit but still one of those things that will have our choices have some impact.

This is a nice bit of news to have given that Twin Mirror has been delayed for a while now. There is an end in sight for those looking to go on this detective story here and try to piece everything back together. All using the fun mindscape that we will get to employ here in is all. That would be the shattered glass portions we get to see here again and in the past for Twin Mirror. The interesting thing is that it looks like we will get to rewind and play the scenes as we put them all together in the mix of it all. It looks like how we put it together will have some impact besides holding us from moving along.

Twin Mirror — Release Date Gameplay

Twin Mirror, our first self-published title, will launch on December 1st on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, & Xbox One.

Pre-orders are open on the Epic Games Store and anyone pre-ordering the game will receive the Twin Mirror original soundtrack as a digital pre-order bonus!

Twin Mirror‘s main score is composed by David Wingo.

Sam Higgs was done with Basswood, West Virginia, but it seems it wasn’t done with him. When he’s coming back to Basswood, his childhood town, for his best friend’s funeral. It quickly becomes obvious that this little West Virginian city holds numerous dark secrets. The former investigative journalist will employ his deductive skills to uncover the mysteries surrounding the city and its inhabitants. Dealing with his past, Sam will be torn between his quest for truth and his desire to reconnect with relatives. Who can he really trust?

Have you been waiting for Twin Mirror to finally come out or is this just a pleasant surprise? Do you suspect that it will all be worth the wait or will you still need more of the game to make a full choice? Do you think the choices will truly matter here or will they just be a way to hold us back to continue the story the ay the developers want us to? Place all of those answers and thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more to share for Twin Mirror, you know we will have it all here. All you need to do is keep checking in.

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