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Wander More Of The Vampiric Infested Streets Of Redfall

Wander More Of The Vampiric Infested Streets Of Redfall


Welcome further into the world of Redfall with one more look at the violent streets of Redfall we will be hunting on

The streets of Redfall are going to be rough, indeed, and we are soon going to be heading out there to clean them up. Not in the way of other titles out there, but in the fun vampire hunting way that Arkane Austin has been working on for a while when it comes to the Xbox Series X|S and PC. All so when May 2nd rolls on in, we will be out there slaying with the best of them. Even if we are not the best at Redfall, there will be a whole lot to see. This is exactly where we are going here for the game with the latest video have out there. On that hits the streets and gives us a look at the various locations and the factions that we will have to bring down out there. Even if they all look like evil vampires and not much more.

The interesting aspect we have to take in for Redfall here, though, is that we will have a few surreal and otherworldly locations in the area we will have to take on. Some of them feel like they are pulled from our own mindscape, which could be what is going on given the powers of the vampires out there. Powers that look like they will have s vast range in the mix too. If these different factions and enemies will be something truly different in Redfall. Have a look and get ready to bite back against all of the horrors that will be wandering the streets of the new world out there. Unless things are going to change any more with the last of the development time.

Redfall — The World Of Redfall

The open world of Redfall used to be pleasant, sunny, even quaint, but things have taken a turn for the worse. Overrun by bloodthirsty vampires who cast the town into darkness by eclipsing the sun, Redfall has turned into a bloodbath. The vampires have pushed back the sea from the land and made getting off the island impossible. As the town descends into chaos, the people of Redfall (those who have survived) have no choice but to fight back against the vampire threat.

Redfall features a stunning and spooky open world and the evocative environmental storytelling that Arkane is known for. Protect the remaining survivors by taking the island back, one neighborhood at a time. Explore trippy psychic spaces that twist the laws of reality. Face off against vampires, cultists and mercenaries, or just watch as they tear each other apart.

Redfall arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 2, 2023.

Have the streets of Redfall changed that much over the development cycle or do they all look about what we have expected from the start? Will the different factions be something that is in our minds or a true sign of the supernatural elements out there in the game’s world? Could we see another shift in things down the line or will the team only be ironing out the current bugs in the game until launch? Feel free to talk about all of this down in the comment section. There is a lot more for Redfall on the way, and we will have it all here for you. Please keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more.

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