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Wattam Is Set To Release This Coming December Now

Wattam Is Set To Release This Coming December Now


The release date for Wattam is set down for both the PS4 and PC versions of Wattam for this December

Add one more adorable game to the Christmas list this year with Wattam officially getting the release date for the month. Just in time to save us all from the bleak and dark worlds we have been slogging through as of late and now Funomena will make sure we have some level of happiness under our trees or in our homes. That is, at least, if you want it as I can already tell that Wattam is not going to be for everyone out there with a PC or PS4. I guess we will know a lot more when it drops on December 17th for those that want to take the dive in.

I wish I had a lot more to add to this, but it is a small announcement to make sure we all just know when Wattam is coming. Of course, it is worth noting that you can pre-order right now on the PS4 store or the Epic Games store for the chosen platform you are looking for. It will save you some time on the date listed here so you can be sure to download Wattam right away. As long as you are not holding out until a new system comes in on the 25th that is. Then you will only know that you have the game in waiting and need to download then.

Wattam — Release Date

Wattam, the new game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, finally has a release date! You can now pre-order this joyful new experience at PlayStation Store ahead of its December 17 launch on PS4.

Are you glad to see that Wattam is dropping on us in the middle of this season or did you expect it to come at a different time? Do you suspect that it is trying to stand out in the wave of darker titles right now? Does any of that matter and you are just looking for a weird and cute title to play? Let us all know what is on your mind down in the comments. If I have anything else to update for Wattam, I will do it here on the site. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that soon.

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