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We Have Some Final Touches On The Update Coming For Death Stranding 2

We Have Some Final Touches On The Update Coming For Death Stranding 2

Death Stranding 2

A new update for Death Stranding 2 is out there to let us know the current state that Death Stranding is in out there

The year ended without much of an update out there for Death Stranding 2. Or so many of us all thought. As it all turns out, though, Kojima Productions had one more small little nugget to drop on us all just before the New Year. A small update for Death Stranding 2 and a few other projects that Kojima and the team have for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Some titles hitting all of those platforms and some on hitting one of them. In this instance, we have a nice little announcement for Death Stranding 2 since it is the biggest one of them all that has been dropped out there.

It is not much to say for Death Stranding 2, as the start of the new year is always slow for updates, but in an update that Hideo Kojima let out there just before the ball dropped, it sounds as if the game is in the final ADR stage of things with the Japanese voice-over to come next. This could mean that we might be something of a release for Death Stranding 2 in the not-too-distant future or we have a lot more to wait on since there is no indication of when the voice recordings are happening in the development. Given that there is also a film for the IP and then OD in the works too, along with some other things the studio head is working on, this could just be a nice little reminder that they are all human and we should be glad to have some kind of update and see that things are flowing well out there.

Death Stranding 2 — Announcement

This is always a hard time of year to get much of an update out there for anyone, let alone a title like Death Stranding 2. Given all the work that the team has most likely been putting in so far, I am guessing this little bit was to keep the excitement going as we could see something massive for the IP this Summer. I just would have rather had nothing, though, so we could make way for other things in the mix. What those things would have been, I have no idea, but there could have been a bit of silence so the Death Stranding teams and other ones could have had a silent holiday season. Unless this is to get ahead of the other slowdown that will come when the Eastern holidays kick in and the Western ones are ignored. I do not know where I was going with this, but I just hate getting these smaller updates when we could have been given larger ones.

Are you glad to know that the ADR is next up for Death Stranding 2 or could that have been left out of the New Years statement out there? Do you think we will see something big this Summer for the IP or will it get lost in the mix of the other work that Kojima is working on? What do you think is the role in the Avengers thing that was dropped in the middle? Take to the comments to discuss it all and then let the world follow suit. If we get any real updates for Death Stranding 2, they will be added to the site for you. Just be sure to keep on coming back here to see and hear it all as it does flow out there.

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