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Welcome To Our Spiritual Nightmare With The Chant

Welcome To Our Spiritual Nightmare With The Chant

The Chant

It is time to breakdown the gameplay for The Chant so we can be fully ready to experience the horrors that The Chant will hold

It feels like the more we get for The Chant, the more it feels like the game is becoming something I did not expect it to be. Maybe because that is due to the fact that Brass Token offered up a look at the story of the game before the actual gameplay. At least, before now, as we have a whole lot more to see and get us ready for the November 3rd release of The Chant on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. All of which shapes the game in a whole new light in a way that feels closer to what I am sure we have all been excited to get.

Here we get to see much more of the action, survival, and combat that we are going to get to experience in The Chant. Given that the cult we are sucked into has opened up a portal to another realm of horrors, it is a good thing that we are at least somewhat capable. Maybe not the big badass as is needed, but we will have our wits and the ability to use various occult items to defend and strike back. All so we can start to tap into some other spiritual aspects in The Chant and gain superpowers of sorts. We will need all of it to try to shut it all back down and save the world from these horrors making it all off the Glory Island that we have gone to. It looks like this is becoming much more of a survival horror than I expected, and I am here all day for this.

The Chant — Gameplay Overview

The Chant has a compact and exploratory world, encouraging players to navigate deep within different locations to uncover resources and collectibles while bringing to life the past of the former inhabitants of this interconnected island.

This Gameplay Video explains how The Chant combines survival, action, and exploration mechanics to create a distinct cult cosmic horror experience. As we walk you through some different areas of Glory Island, discover how the Mind, Body, and Spirit system impacts both the moment-to-moment action and how the story unfolds.

Don’t forget that The Chant’s digital and physical pre-orders are already live!

Developed by Brass Token and published by Prime Matter, the game will ship on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC on November, 3rd.

Has The Chant evolved into the game you thought it was going to be or did you think it was something else given how the team has released all of the footage so far? Do you think we will shift into the next big badass out there by the end or will we just be surviving from area to area to try to close the portal? How crazy do you think the cultists and monsters will get here and will we always have the best tool in our hands? Give us all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. If we get more for The Chant, you know we will have it all here for you. Please keep checking back for all of this and much, much more.

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