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Welcome To ParadiZe With Some New Gameplay For Us All To Survive

Welcome To ParadiZe With Some New Gameplay For Us All To Survive

Welcome To ParadiZe

New gameplay for Welcome To ParadiZe is here just before we all enter into this new ParadiZe to try to survive

I hope you are all ready to be Welcome To ParadiZe with the latest gameplay we have for the title. A title that Eko Software has been working on with Nacon ready to drop it on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on February 29th, 2024. Still a bit of a way away and, for some, with little to go on for the game before it all launches out there. That is where we are stepping in to give you a fun little breakdown of what to expect in Welcome To ParadiZe as we try to survive yet another zombie apocalypse out there. This time, though, we can get the zombies to be on our side and not only trying to eat our brains.

Just as we have in many other games like Welcome To ParadiZe, the core of it all will have us going out into the ravaged world, collecting items, killing zombies, running from animals, and then building up our own basecamp so we can keep doing this into the unforeseen future. All are fairly average. The big twist here for Welcome To ParadiZe, is that we also can recruit some zombies to our side as defense units using some tech that a “very smart” inventor made for the world. This way you can slap on a helmet and get some Zombots to follow you so they can take the aggro of the other creatures and humans of the world. All so we can better survive. A nice little twist on things for us all to have as you never know if the base you are going into will be swarmed with generic zombies or those that can be programmed by a bigger brain instead. Have a look and see if it is going to change the game enough for you to dive into.

Welcome To ParadiZe — Gameplay

Is the apocalypse getting you down? Make it easier with helpful zombies, ready to handle the most thankless tasks for you.

The billionaire genius, playboy, and philanthropist Jeff Tusk invites you to ParadiZe where your survivalist troubles can be put to rest. Using Tusk Industries’ innovative Zombot Hacking Helmet, you can take control of any zombie and live through the apocalypse in a little corner of paradise with your feet up!

Would you like your own zombie? A faithful companion who can defend you from his fellow zombies and accompany you on all your adventures. ParadiZe makes it possible! Here, zombies do the dirty job.

In the beautiful land of ParadiZe, ingenious survivors are experimenting with a technology to take control of the zombies who have once again invaded the world… Once under your control, they become precious allies, even if they remain a little unstable and not very smart.

It’s not all rosy in ParadiZe, but if you’re clever enough and good enough with your hands, you might just survive…

Explore ParadiZe and meet a cast of characters, each more surprising than the last. You’ll be amazed by the unusual flora and fauna. In the snow or in the desert, set off on an adventure alone or accompanied by your zombots, and don’t hesitate to get rid of the few parasites that try to disrupt your stay with us.

Expeditions inland or lazing in the sun at your camp? It’s up to you to decide and adapt your stay to your desires!

We do recommend that you don’t get too close to the local population — they can be somewhat… aggressive.

Enjoy your adventures in ParadiZe on your own or with others! Play two-player co-op locally or up to four-player co-op online.

Explore ParadiZe as a group, with your own faithful Zombots, and take back control. ParadiZe will welcome you with open arms!

I am a huge fan of seeing how Welcome To ParadiZe is trying to change the normal survival game aspect out there by allowing us to control some of the zombies out there. It also feels like it is going to have some of the fun humor that we saw in films like FIDO when it comes to it all. So Welcome To ParadiZe will not just be another “Doom and Gloom” survival title. It will give us the extra bits of fun we could want out there while also leaning into the tried-and-true gameplay of the genre. Even if it would be nice to be able to control a zombie elephant or flock of geese in the mix of the game. The true enemies of the world with the ducks and other birds plotting… And now I am off topic. Nonetheless, we will see for certain in a few months when the game does fully launch out there.

How are you feeling about Welcome To ParadiZe based on what you have to see and do you like the little twists? Do you think the humor will keep things feeling fresh with each new mission or will it turn into the grind that many other games in the genre become? Would you want to be able to control the animals too or will the humans still be the true monsters out there no matter how we slice it all? Head into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we can offer to you. Please keep on checking back for all of the updates we can scrounge up for you on the site and for Welcome To ParadiZe. The new year is almost here and we will have a whole lot to talk about as soon as we enter it all.

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