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Welcome Yourself Into Your New Age Cult In The Chant

Welcome Yourself Into Your New Age Cult In The Chant

The Chant

The cult from The Chant is on full display again and this time with more from the cast that will bring The Chant to life

There have been some extra looks at The Chant in the past that hinted at the otherworldly elements that we would have to handle when the game launches, but now they are in full force here. It looks as if Brass Token has opted to stop tiptoeing around the cosmic horror side of things and give us all a look at the madness we will have to face in addition to the cult that our protagonist is getting inducted into. Even if it does look like it is all supposed to be some New Age mumbo-jumbo in The Chant, we can now see how dark things are going to go and how we are going to have to figure out how to fight back. At least when the game lands later this year on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Originally in what we have been fed for The Chant, it looked as if some of the weird and supernatural elements could have been some form of hallucination that the cult was causing. Now, we have a better look at it and while some of that could still be true, it definitely looks like we will have all manner of horrors coming after us. Coming after us and requiring us to fight back. It does not look like we are going to be playing just the helpless victim in The Chant but more of a protagonist that will be fighting for their life. Even if a massive frog monster or lanky, the contorted body will be more of a challenge than we would normally think. I am fully ready to see what this all has to offer up and if we will be able to escape with our life and our sanity.

The Chant — New Age Cult

A new gameplay trailer, showcasing the combat elements of The Chant, a single-player third-person cosmic horror action-adventure game due to ship later this year. Players will encounter terrifying creatures and will fight using occult weapons and abilities, or they can surrender and flee This spiritual journey is already turning into a nightmare. What will you choose: fight or flight?

The Chant – developed by Brass Token and published by Prime Matter will ship on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC later this year.

Also, it looks like the full cast for The Chant has slipped out there for us all to enjoy. There was a slight tease for this last week, and the full video showing off the voice and motion actors is here. It gives us all a nice look behind the curtains on how they came together to make the game work, but also a deeper dive into the minds of the characters we will soon be spending a lot of time with. It is a lot of the same behind-the-scenes stuff that we have had over the years, but it is a good look at what to expect for The Chant. Have a look and let the excitement build up for the game a bit more. Maybe it will even be out around the time for us to add it to our spooky game list for the season.

The Chant — Meet The Full Cast

Meet the stars behind The Chant’s colorful cast of twisted characters. Find out what brought each of our spiritualists to the Prismic Spiritual Retreat on remote Glory Island; learn how their minds work, understand the deep darkness within each of them and follow their terrifying journey. Join Siobhan Williams (Jess), Adam Millard (Tyler) Praneet Akilla (Sonny), Emily Tennant (Hannah), and Nicole Anthony (Maya) as they dive into the psyche of their characters and shed light on what The Chant’s cosmic horror is all about.

Multiple people, multiple reasons for being at the Prismic Spiritual Retreat. One interconnected journey that will unveil the true strengths and weaknesses of each of our troubled attendees.

Are you glad to see that there will be a bit more action added into The Chant here or did you think it was going to be a walking-horror-sim the whole time? Do you think it will resolve to us being drugged the whole time or will these be real horrors that the cult has no clue how to handle? Do you enjoy seeing behind the curtain on how your games are made and did this give you a better understanding of the characters we are going to get to play around with? Feel free to let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then let the discussion fly. When more for The Chant is here, know that we will share it all on the site for you. Please keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more.

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