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A Whole Lot More Hacking And Sawing For The Chainsaw Incident

A Whole Lot More Hacking And Sawing For The Chainsaw Incident

The Chainsaw Incident

There is a new gameplay trailer for The Chainsaw Incident and it shows off everything from the menus to more combat.

I have brought up The Chainsaw Incident multiple times before. More and more I am falling in love with the visuals of the game but with this latest pre-alpha game play trailer I think the people over at Crazy Piranha are starting to really get the game mechanics up to snuff. Before the combat looked very sluggish and very ‘canned’. Now it looks quite a bit updated but I’ll let the following trailer speak for itself and let you judge.

Ok, so it still looks like the combat is a bit sluggish but more in the point of the people trying to capture the video playing that way instead of the game mechanics. If you actually break things down and look at how they can be used I can see there being quite a bit of speed and high paced action in each match. Of course that is just speculation and nothing concrete but it shouldn’t be that hard of a logic leap to see that. Then again that is just me.

As I said, this is all pre-alpha footage for The Chainsaw Incident and the game is still in need of funding. There is supposed to be a Kickstarter set up soon for the game but you can get more details at thechainsawincident.com. As has been the case, I’ll be keeping a close eye on The Chainsaw Incident moving forward. Hopefully they make the gameplay as amazing as the artwork currently is.

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