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Wild Hearts Welcomes Us All Further Into The Lands Of Minato

Wild Hearts Welcomes Us All Further Into The Lands Of Minato

Wild Hearts

A new story trailer for Wild Hearts is here to show us all why we need to visit Minato when Wild Hearts launches soon

The launch for Wild Hearts is almost here with February 17th only a few more days away for now. That is still when you will be able to pick the game up on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC after Omega Force wraps things all up for the launch day. I am sure things will keep flowing after that day, but that is the bigger day to focus on for now. Not only that, but when we should get all of the ideas on how the story for Wild Hearts is going to flow. This is what we have to look at here today so we can be up to speed before the final launch date we have. As long as you are okay with a few spoilers in the mix since, you know, this is a story overview for us to take in right now.

All in all, I do not think you will be able to spoil much for Wild Hearts with this new little trailer we have for the game, but instead, gather a bigger appreciation for it. Up to now, we have only had some combat and other parts of the game flashed in our faces. This gives us all a better feel for what we will be fighting for in the game and the reason we need to take down some of the bigger monsters out there roaming the lands. All so we can better defend the village and villagers we find ourselves with in Wild Hearts. About the kind of story on the broad side that we should have expected. Not a bad thing yet also not something that feels like it will be expanding the genre or industry much further.

Wild Hearts — Welcome To Minato

The hunt begins February 17, 2023

Enter the village of Minato to meet the allies who will aid you in your hunt and help you protect the people of Azuma in Wild Hearts. Meet Natsume, Ujishige, and more, from blacksmith to scientist, each one will be crucial to your survival against the fierce Kemono. The villagers, together with your fellow hunters and the ancient technology known as Karakuri, will help you emerge victorious against even the most powerful of beasts.

Master ancient tech to hunt down giant beasts. Wild Hearts is a unique twist on the hunting genre where technology gives you a fighting chance against fearsome beasts infused with the ferocious power of nature itself. Take on these creatures alone or hunt with friends in a seamless co-op.

Developed by Omega Force, the Japanese studio behind the Dynasty Warriors franchise, and in partnership with EA Originals, Wild Hearts takes you on an epic adventure set in a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan.

Are you ready to see the deeper story that will be coming for Wild Hearts or will there not be much more beyond the surface we have currently? Will many care about the deeper aspects of it all or just skip along to the bigger fights that will be taking place? Did you also forget that the game is launching at the end of this week and did you need this last reminder so you did not miss out on a single title? Sound off in the comment section and then discuss it all as one so wishes to do out there. If we get more to offer up for Wild Hearts, we will be sure to give it to you as best as we can. Please keep checking back in for all of those updates and many, many more.

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