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World War Z Will Be Diving Into Some Stories Out Of Tokyo

World War Z Will Be Diving Into Some Stories Out Of Tokyo

World War Z

A new map for World War Z is coming with the game taking us to Tokyo as part of the global scale World War Z will be working on

We have seen in film, book, and now game form of World War Z that we will be traveling the globe to survive and kill zombies. That and also to tell some stories of the survivors out there that Saber Interactive have designed for us. Just in case you are not one of those people who only want to go out and kill swarms of the undead in the world. Now we have word that we will be adding another location of the world to World War Z in the way of Tokyo. Now we will not be stuck with just New York, Moscow, and Jerusalem when the game drops on April 16th.

This is an interesting turn of events here for World War Z as it does seem like the team is going to have the ability to keep expanding and telling other stories as the game’s life carries on. That means that we will need to keep the game going for a bit longer if we want to see something to the levels of the book and multiple other survivor stories and locations. I am sure that this was a planned thing, but it shows that World War Z is designed to allow for this to be expanded on with whole locations. Nonetheless, we have Tokyo to look for in the game and the multiple other updates after the game’s launch.

World War Z — Stories In Tokyo

Saber Interactive has unveiled the next map that will be playable in World War Z, the highly anticipated co-op shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film. The new ‘Stories In Tokyo’ gameplay trailer travels to Japan, where hordes of zombies will ambush survivors through narrow streets and dense urban jungles, battling players right up to the edge of the sea. The Tokyo episode will feature two missions available at launch, with a bonus mission arriving for free shortly after release.

Are you glad to see Tokyo added into the mix for World War Z or would you have rather seen a different location mixed in? Do you think this will allow the developers to add in more stories and locations in the future or is that just wishful thinking? What location or story style would you like to see in the game in the future? Let us and the world know what is on your mind. When we find out more for World War Z, we will share it all here for you. Just be sure to keep checking in on the site for that.

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