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The Obligatory 2016 Video Games Year In Review List

The Obligatory 2016 Video Games Year In Review List

There were a lot of video games that came out in 2016 and we tried to review as many video games as we could. Here’s a recap of them all

The year is finally over and there were a lot of great video games that came out. There were also a lot of shitty ones in the mix as well. Just like every year there were all over the place and we had a chance to give a good chunk of them all a play and thus a review. Hells, we even had some movies based on video games mixed in to add an extra level of interest here. It of course isn’t a list of all video games that came out this year but it is a list of what we had to experience over here in our little part of the world. We also needed a nice obligatory post about it all as that is just how it seems to be needed.

Looking over this list here it totally does look like we had more and more episodic video games this year than we’ve had in the past. This does seem to be the way that the gaming industry is going with more and more titles taking the approach so they can get something not quite finished out sooner rather than later but most were all based on some great stories instead of that. We also had a chance to see some other great franchises get there solid return or horrible display. Not all video games need to be made but they still do after all.

All that said, here’s a list of all of our reviews over the last year for you to look at and hopefully find some new video games to play as we wait for more in the next year. We don’t use a standard numbered rating system here so I encourage you to read through and enjoy the reviews that pique your interest. Until next year. Happy Gaming!

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